Zahuri ‘Urs Programmes 2016
Unless indicated otherwise all events are at Zahuri Manzil, 4, Polygon Court, The Polygon SO15 2GT.

Tel: 02380220978

Thursday April 7th      5.00 pm – 6.00 pm       Flag Ceremony
Friday      April 8th       7.00 pm                       Zahurmian’s Urs                    Zikr/Fatiha/Qwaali

Saturday  April 9th      !0.30 am                      Qul of Zahurmians Urs           Qur’an
                                   7.00 pm                    Khawaja Sahebs Urs              Zikr and Qwaali

Sunday April 10th         7.00 pm                      Khawaja Sahebs Urs              Zikr and Qwaali

Monday April 11th      7.00 pm                        Khawaja Sahebs Urs               Zikr and Qwaali

Tuesday April 12th      5.00 pm-7.00pm          Khawaja Sahebs Urs             Razvia Mosque Event*
                                   8.00 pm                    Khawaja Sahebs Urs              Fatiha and qwaali

Wed’day April 13th      10.30 am                     Qul of Khawaja Saheb Urs      Qur’an

                                   8.00 pm                    Poetry gathering                     Poems   

Thursday April 14th      7.00 pm                      Khawaja Sahebs Urs              Zikr and Qwaali

Saturday April 16th      7.00 pm                       Mehfil i Rendan                     Party and Qwaali

Wed’day April 20th      8.00 pm                       Hazrat Ali’s birthday

This year we celebrated again in Southampton the 'Urs of Khwaja Muinuddin
Hasan Chishti - this is the timetable.
Here is the link to the speech given by Jamil at the Razvia Mosque on April 12th.

The event commenced with recitation of a poem Of Mohammed Khadim Hasan Gudri
Shaha Baba. This was followed by a short speech by Mikail Ali Clarke and the longer one
that is is on the website;  then Asr Namaz. Some children recited some Qur'an passages
they had learned. There was also Zikr. Fatiha was read by Mr Rashid and there was a
distribution of food (langar).
flag ceremony
Farhana reciting fatiha
Some of the Zahuri Boys
Farhana Poetry Reading
Farhana reading Fatiha