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In man and woman is a mischief-monger, a mayhem-maker,
A miscreant, a message-muddler, a thieving liberty-taker.
A donkey would be ashamed of such a stubborn nature.
Its sole purpose is to stop you reclaiming your human stature.
You will only be free when you take away its ease and liberty,
But don’t think for a moment this is something quick and easy.
It’s a master of camouflage, knows how to trigger your anger,
Stimulate your lust and greed, or ruin your real pleasure,
Then it will just disappear and leave you to take the rap,
While it laughs and takes what it sees as a well earned nap.
It sits on your throne, a pretender, while you must wander,
The wastelands of your own city, a poverty stricken beggar.
And everywhere this master of malignant intent has spies,
One is almost certainly looking now out of your own eyes.
You could march right up to the front door of your palace,
And demand to be restored to your rightful royal place;
But you would be met with howls of derision and laughter,
And asked, “Where is your army, is this all you can muster.”
But if you have an ally, don’t despair it’s not all disaster,
If you are prepared to lay siege and follow a wise advisor.
That miscreant self knows inside it is nothing but a usurper,
And to a well run campaign must eventually surrender.
Bismillah ar Rehman itr Rahim