Poet's Corner
Section Ten

Miscellaneous verses by
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
Contemplative Love
Loving Love

Ah! If it seems you can’t love, Love,
Then try to love the one who does;
If my meaning eludes you, love,
Love His lover – Gharib Nawaz!

Form and Substance..

Form at the feet of substance should fall,
For form without substance is nothing at all!
Prayer is the form and substance the Lord,
And the lover dies by the Beloved’s sword.

Heart Work

An open heart can soon become a real shambles,
Into which many a stranger so casually ambles!
Hard work it is to move them on, clean up, and mend,
Better open it only to those with scent of the Friend.   

Shedding Light

The junk in a shed is only useful really,
If you can turn on the light to see.
So whatever fate stores in your mind,
Make sure the switch you can find.

Something Found

Serendipitous or a successful search?
Tell me, oh talking parrot on your perch!
‘It was sure a blessing from on high,
His Mercy must have heard your sigh’.


Serene, stately splendour, condescends,
To meet the worshipper as he ascends,
And to assist up those final few steps,
The one who on His grace humbly depends.


Ah sorrow seeps into the heart, and each bone,
That devastating feeling of being so much alone,
It surely permeates to us from the One Alone,
Calling us back to Him on the path He has shown.


On such a sound and solid slab of silence, stay;
From this promontory His articulacy, survey;
Thus He paves the way to penetrate the fantasy,
That obscures the potent pen of His Reality.

In Memory of.....

O Abdul Wajid, your travelling is done!
Now rest in The Home from whence all come.
Here, of arguments there surely were some,
There, all the battles are already won.

JMZ Jan 12


Do not a cynic be, for in cynicism lies mortality,
A single cliché uttered in complete sincerity,
Has a life in it that each time is 'forever young',
But in a sneer hear the solemn death bell rung.


Humble piety is to give due respect to divinity,
In intimacy, friendship’s dues we pay certainly,
Broken-hearted sighs now from the lover are due,
But by veil concealed, the Beloved waits patiently.

A Tasbih (Rosary)
12 quatrains composed on the morning of 14th Sep. 2013


Neither of this, nor of that place, try to be,
The true man knows his real nationality;
He belongs to a country both far and near,
Where a broken-heart is proof of identity.

When, after hardship, He sends ease,
Having heard those earnest pleas;
It is the time to pray hard yet again,
And give the prayer of gratitude, to please.


Pain, stabbing at us without any mercy,
Reminders of our human frailty:
O yes! But please remind us too, we pray,
Of Your absolute divine Reality.


Offend not at all the heart of the guide,
He labours very hard for you deep inside;
But for him, the ride through this short life,
At a dreadful destination may have arrived.


To God alone can praise be really applied,
A child with bubble-gum becomes the guide;
That growing bubble bursts into a sticky mess,
Like the one who becomes puffed up with pride.


In the depths of the night you cried,
Prayed again and again for a guide:
No one came to the door today,
But something had changed inside.


To pray for wisdom is wise,
To pray for health likewise:
To pray for abundant love,
However, that gains the prize.


Oh this muse’s amazing constancy!
Ah! Here is a beautiful destiny:
The muse is always here at my side,
So thank God for such intimacy.


I thought maybe it’s because of invocation,
Wine arrived as if by special invitation:
In truth Your generosity wine supplied,
And remembrance came from intoxication.


You asked me to come, so I came, love,
You asked me to stay, so I stayed, love;
You entertained me royally I must say,
My prayer is now always to be in Love.


If verse flows from the pen, like this,
All I can do is to move the pen, like this;
The banks of the lake of Love will burst,
If I don’t open the flood gates, like this.


Carried away in the flood of Love - surprisingly,
On an upturned table riding rather gingerly;
The debris of reason and intellect I see,
Floating past, looking forlorn - unsurprisingly.

To hear what Allah to Hazrat Ali, did tell,
You must become an empty well,
Like the one into which Prophet Yusuf fell;
You must also learn never to tell.

No Chance

You want to know everything in advance,
Map it out like a choreographed dance,
But the way love arrives, is as a surprise,
You - a leaf in a torrent with no chance.

Early Morning Thoughts

Welcome wise words of the early morning,
In your wake wise actions are surely winging,
Thus wisdom of the night to birth dawn brings,
And a song in its praise the early bird sings.

The Market Place

Ah that pretty, witty, little market maid,
T’was not the apples or oranges she displayed,
That made the punters flock to her stall,
T'was cherry-red lips, that brought in the trade.


When Allah requires it to happen – it happens!
The Prophets and saints serve – and it happens;
Other men know only that it has really happened,
Those with insight happily see how it happens.


When Allah requires it to happen – it happens!
The Prophets and saints serve – and it happens;
Other men know only that it has really happened,
Those with insight happily see how it happens.

The Beauty of Virtue

A cool head and an honest face,
Is better than the finest lace,
A smiling sweet temperament too,
The finest pearls cannot replace.

New Life

From under the earth a new life springs,
A vital energy surges, uncoils in the soil,
And, to mind His wisdom He manifestly brings;
To purify our clay is the purpose of daily toil.

With Love

O listen well to what I say – with love,
Do not neglect daily to pray – with love,
Be happy of heart, light of soul – with love,
By silent service reach the goal – of love.

Hopeless Love

Beauty bows and greatness takes off its hat to You,
I will do anything at all You may want me to,
Write a poem, sing, dance or pray all night long!
But to love You as You deserve - this  no one can do!


True -  poetry and art merely a veil is,
Between the beholder and beauty it is;
Wooing and love making also a veil is,
Between the lover and beloved it is;
And prayer and worship, that also a veil is,
Between worshipper and worshipped too it is.

Shining Face

I thank God for the joy that I can see,
On that fair face so very dear to me;
The morning sun lighting up its stillness,
A shining pool smiles at a cypress tree.