Poet's Corner
Section Nine

Miscellaneous verses by
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
Hidden Treasure

Mevlana’s thoughts in my head,
Like a rich carpet in a shed,
Or a treasure in a battered trunk,
Or the finest wine, in an old drunk.

Wise Words

A paper boat stays afloat – for a while,
Absorbs the water, then sinks in style.
Words of wisdom stay not long in the mind,
But in the heart, lingering, them you’ll find.


Is it a wonder when on a whistle-stop tour,
Novelty itself begins to be a bit of a bore?
Then the dull routines of the folk at home,
The mind sees like a light on a distant shore


Beauty is in the beholder’s eye, its true,
But the beholder who beholds just You!
Whatever he sees who is seeing You,
Takes on the glow of your beauty too.

Looking Good

A cool head and an honest face,
Is better than the finest lace,
A smiling sweet temperament too,
The finest pearls cannot replace.


The plight of the patient one who follows the true light,
Reforms his nature, till he becomes  a clear mirror!
Unlike the one who fancies himself as being bright,
But in the true light he sees himself only with horror.

Love's Worth

Don’t think love comes kinda cheap,
Even in laughter you will surely weep,
Into each cell its effect does seep,
But from it Life you eventually reap.


Broken walls, and a broken gate,
Faded splendour of a princely state,
Once men called it something great,
This faded splendour of a city state.

For Zaria

A blessing bringing, balmy, spring breeze,
Fragrant blossoms drifting from apple trees;
Kiss the grass below, so lightly they land,
Like a kiss blown from a loved one's hand.


From within the earth up a new life springs,
A vital energy surges, uncoils in the soil,
And to light His wisdom He manifestly brings,
Transforming our clay - the purpose of daily toil


Surging beneath the earth the water finds a way,
To burst through and put its full glory on display;
The sun bestows a thousand sparkling diamonds,
Like Hafiz' verses that from a lover's mouth spray


Grey clouds, grey streets, daily we see;
Grey people, grey days, endlessly.
But that cold grey feeling soon departs,
When we meet bright minds and warm hearts.


A little bit here and a little bit there,
Making concessions in order to share,
Is required from both husband and wife;
If they want to live happily in this life.

Listen With Love

O listen well to what I say – with love,
Do not neglect daily to pray – with love,
Be happy of heart, light of soul – with love,
By silent service, reach the goal – of love.


Concentrate on what does really matter,
Heed no whit the constant chitter-chatter,
Raise your head above the gossiping crowd,
Immune to flattery, by threat not cowed.

Your Words

I never know what You are going to say,
And in a sense it may be better that way;
For the less my mind interrupts Your flow,
The more Your words show the way to go.

Waiting and Watching

In the jungle the predator watches his prey,
In the work-place the worker waits for his pay,
The seeker of love should learn to be like this,
Both patient and eager too, in the same way.

Love is a prayer that asks nothing;
A prayer that accepts everything;
It is an empty begging bowl,
Some call it a receptive soul.


A little bit here and a little bit there,
Making concessions in order to share,
Is required from both husband and wife;
If they want to live happily in this life.

The Garden

Your dew-bejewelled finery, the early morning light displays;
Absorbing the sun's glare, over you noon a radiant drape lays;
Only at the time of evening's calm, in your true colours you appear,  
And in the dark of night? Your beauty only in the heart's eye stays.

A Suprise

Oh how did this health-giving rose bloom here?
In this disease ridden wasteland suddenly appear?
Radiant well-being, shining forth amidst detritus,
An answer, amongst the cries of ‘O God, save us.’.


Trembling on the edge of perfection,
Made more vibrant by anticipation,
The garden hesitates to fully bloom;
A lover at the door with an invitation.

The Contented Man

Ahh yes to feel quite content,
And wisely time to have spent,
In the company of one’s muse,
This is the life a man might choose.


Everything comes to he who will wait,
Who patiently stands at Khawaja’s gate!
He who does not wander and get lost,
Becomes freed from the vagaries of fate.


I just want to feel Your Divinity,
Not debate errors of the trinity,
I just want to know with certainty,
Your abounding Love is Reality

The Bee

The bee see sipping at the mouth of the iris,
Held in some unseen currents he surely is.
He is hovering, in a sweet anticipation,
And cares not that pollination his business is.


If sometime you come across a tree,
(And there  is no one around to see),
Please, give it a big hug from me,
Even if it has to be done, secretly.


Someone said, ’I really love all this poetry,
You should put it in a book for others to see.’
Well, maybe, if God wishes and wills it to be,
But probably published posthumously.

God Engendered

Her so divine femininity goes so easily,
To the very core of a man’s masculinity;
Such hard work from a man it demands,
To bring the gems she so lightly commands.

A Thought on Retirement

All that work turned out to be
A preparation for this work, I see
That was the Wudhu*
This is the prayer, true.

*Wudhu is the ritual ablution before ritual prayers in Islam

A Reflection on 'Urs

We are all within, so to speak, a Mind so grand,
That its order and sense we cannot understand!
But when we are in His purified servant’s soul,
There reflected we see the beauty of the whole.

Destiny’s Dealings

Since destiny has parted us for a while,
Why should destiny expect me to smile!
If it wants a smile from this face of mine,
Why put me through such a useless trial?

Mutual  Surrender

The tough, sinewy, growling hardness of solid oak, soaking,
Soft sinuous water, slowly, surely, it is absorbing;
Till one could no more tell if its thirst it is satisfying,
Or the craving for substance the water is realising.


I bumped into someone I love today,
Two souls embraced, is what I mean to say;
In the vastness of the entire cosmos,
Planets touched, as if intended that way.


Let us linger a little longer together,
And so sweet memories gently gather;
Two children in the woods picking bluebells,
Light laughter that will remain forever.