Poet's Corner
Section Eight

Miscellaneous verses by
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
Passionate Love
Waiting to Meet the Spiritual Guide

Ah this sublime anticipation is so sweet,
Pulse racing, eyes dilating, ready to greet,
Wondering, should I kiss hand or feet?
May this moment my mind never delete.

The Sigh

To rise above the earth and the sky,
And not to know at all the reason why,
Is the dance the lovers do all night,
And it is all contained in a single sigh.

Waiting for the Beloved

When one you love says ‘wait for me’,
Five minutes can seem like eternity,
But when she comes you know certainly,
Days and nights will pass by instantly.

Lips Meant to Kiss

The sight of your wine red lips, i miss,
Silently saying 'I am made to kiss'.
What is a mere man expected to do,
Faced with an open invite to bliss?


Where is the beauty of Shiraz to be found?
In two dark eyes so slyly glancing round,
Till they lite on me, and linger a moment there,
And I could wish myself in Shiraz - or nowhere.


Oh Love! So helpless, render me,
That my plight the Beloved may see,
And with sweet kisses may treat,
Wounds those eyes gave so easily.

Seal of Love

A wine within a wine, desire inside love,
Drives man to fulfil the Will from above;
The unification of lover and loved to reveal,
And of love’s reality to be sign and seal.

Good Morning

The perfect pure wine of the morning, brings,
Before even the early bird wakes, and sings,
The thoughts of the Zikr lover into my mind,
And yesterday’s toils to purity she brings.


Where is that lovely one who this did say,
'I am woman enough for you, night and day'?
Has she gone out with the children to play?
Alone, for sharp-eyed hawks, I am easy prey!

There is One

There is one, whom I do miss;
The same one who misses me;
Together, once again, hands we’ll kiss,
Three hugs once more there could be;
For us, one more moment of bliss.


Ah lover when you seek to please me,
Even though I may only hint lightly,
Do you really understand somehow,
It is your love makes mine glow brightly.

Love Lorn

If God’s love-lorn lunatic seeks Love, what harm pray?
In that business he is engaged night and day.
And if that love overflows to everyone he meets,
Then is that not the essence of good in its way.

A String of Pearls
12 short verses composed on the morning of 6th Sep. 2013

In the court of Hafiz Love is king,
To serve him, better than anything.
Rise above these worldly concerns,
Drink love's wine and love songs sing.

In the tavern the rule is - drink!
And into divine intoxication sink.
Embrace the beauty of a lovely face,
It reflects the bounty of Divine Grace.

O take me far from this world's store,
Carry me to the country of the pure,
There in the tavern set me down,
Into my empty glass, love's wine pour.

Death will come one day for sure,
With, or without, knocking at the door.
He may ask me what my life was for,
'To walk the way of love, like Zahur'.
Embrace this time, embrace this place,
When you meet the loved one face to face.
So much more than a faded photograph,
Burn into the heart this time and place.

Do not offend this muse of mine,
With her I have drunk so much wine,
Ink from the pen flows when she is here,
Blood from a martyr of love in every line.

Oh perfect grey skies, lovely rain,
Of you I will not again complain,
You make it clear it is in the heart,
That summer days sing love's refrain.

Round the Beloved like round Kaaba I go,
The Seeds of love everywhere I throw,
The Beloved great patience shows,
Till I stand still and round me does Kaaba go.

In these poetic fancies, vanity you may see,
You would not say so, if like me,
Love was coursing through your veins,
And the Beloved's pen you seemed to be.

if all this intoxicated verse,
seems to you a bit perverse,
Forgive i pray my drunken words,
O Lord of all the Worlds.

This world is in a drunken spin,
May as well put a pen in,
Then words of love and ecstasy,
Will burn up each and every sin.

Abstain not, for lack of  a rhyme,
It will surely come in time,
just continue to let Love flow,
And everything (else)- let it go.

Though for weeks we had waited expectantly,
When the wild rose bloomed it came so quickly,
We hardly had time to take a breath it seemed.
Your love melted my heart like this, so suddenly.


‘I love you’ is spoken a million times every day,
But only one time in a million is it said this way,
That the very timber of the body gently vibrates,
And love takes our breath and our life away.


Ours was a very, very short affair,
Suddenly you were really there!
A deep hunger with a hug we fed,
Ah, to this, by Love we were led.


Love united us forever in the heart,
From this truth you did not ever depart,
Oh by it how many loves were fed,
But this Love remained in the heart.

Sidelong Glances

O eye flutterer, seductive, sly glance-giver,
You may empty the whole of your lovely quiver,
And raise barely a single sad hopeless ripple,
In the lake of Love in which I am the dweller.


That sweet  silent maid tries to hide,
Thinks I can’t see her deep inside,
That I don’t know the beauty there;
Oh in any state, want her by my side

Too Much

There is a subtle bliss inside me, craving more,
Crazily craving to unite with You once more.
I cannot stop to ask what it is this is all for,
Or at what point I will be able to say – no more!


Even  passion subsides with time,
Then words don’t seem to rhyme,
Why do you leave 'yours truly' here,
A lover languishing in his prime


Being intimate with You it seemed to me,
Was the best one could hope to be,
But there are many levels of intimacy,
And something more is calling to me.


A lover’s love how can one control it,
Seasoned as it is with the finest wit-
Till in a whirl lover becomes Beloved;
And the Beloved will quietly just sit.

Carried Away

Ah I know where this horse is carrying me,
A place I am always longing to be;
Somewhere warm and salty beside the sea,
Somewhere my love will be waiting for me.

New Love

Love is so new and so ancient too,
A timeless sense of being you;
And when each day I wake anew,
That is all I really want to do


The vision of your ruby red lips transports to ecstasy,
Shattering our inclination to any pious vanity;
Ecstasy has a much deeper and much more earnest intent,
To find the tangible truth of that vision's Reality.


The sight of those ruby lips transports us to ecstasy,
Shattering our inclination to pious vanity;
But beyond ecstasy further the lover wants to go,
To find in that vision the source of its reality.