There is a Place

(On the occasion of the ‘Urs of Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti [ra] June 09)

this is a song intended to be sung with a bouncy tune suitable for children

There is a place in the country of your heart,
O YES there is, O YES there is.
They say the Sun shines there every day,
O YES it does, O YES it does,
Find that place, it certainly is there,
O YES it is, O YES it is.
And go to  live there permanently,   
O YES do, O YES do.
The post code is PJLE 01,
O YES 01, O YES 01,
That’s P for purity and J for joy,
O YES it is, O YES it is.
Thats L for love, and E for Ecstasy,
O YES it is, O YES it is.

The Owner is the most generous Friend,
O YES He is. O YES He is.
So please don't wait you can buy it now dirt cheap,
O YES its a snip, O YES its a snip,
And all it will cost you is your life,
O YES it will, O YES it will,
It is in the town of the broken hearted,
O YES it is, O YES it is.
Just beyond Bewilderment Avenue,
O YES it is, O YES it is.
If you can't find the way what will you do,
O what to do, O what to do.
Find a local man to guide you through,
O yes do, O yes do,
Or you can ask the local policeman, if he is not drunk,
I bet he is, I bet he is,
Or ask the postman, it is certainly in his book,
O Yes it is, O YES it is.
The agents have the key waiting for you
O yes they do, O yes they do.
Patience and Company is their name,
O YES it is, O YES it is.

Once you have settled-in send out invites
O YES do, its expected of you.                        
And here’s some wine for the journey,
O here it is, O here it is,
And here's a bone for the doggy too,
O YES its here, O YES its here.
And here's a bone for the doggy too,
O YES its here, O YES its here.
                                              Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
A poem or song may include hidden references - here
are few clues with regard to this ditty.

The Country.- The Heart is immeasurable a different
dimension like a whole different country.

The Sun - the benevolence of God

Certainly - Certainty is a different level of reality beyond
even faith.

Permanently - the stage when the constant
remembrance of God becomes permanent

01 - there is no God - but God. The negative and
positive affirmation of faith.

The Post code - the mystic letters of the Qur'an
The Owner - God who is also known to the Sufis as the

It will only cost your life - meaning the need to devote
ones whole life to God, it is
dirt cheap because this
material world is just the clay (dirt0  from which our
bodies are created

Broken Hearted - the work of purification can bring one
to a state in which the heart feels the sorrow of
separation from his Beloved Creator.

Bewilderment; A state usually experienced just before
the Sufi reaches a new level of awareness.

The spiritual guide who is local to the country of the
heart and knows its ways.

The local policeman is discipline - which however may
become secretly intoxicated with Divine love.

The Postman is the holy Prophet (pbuh) who delivers
the message from God.

His book is of course the holy Qur'an.
The agents are the angels.
Patience and Company are the Divine Names and the
Company of Saints, believers etc.

Send out invites - the mystic who accepts the
responsibility to make people aware of the good
fortune that could be theirs.

wine is spiritual intoxication

The dog is the body - which deserves its reward for
asceticisms etc.

O yes its here - where else could 'it' be?
audio - allow time for download

Poet's Corner
Section Seven

Childrens Song by
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
with audio version