Let love....

Let love in, around, and above you grow,
Let kindness and generosity from you flow,
Patience and courage, in all situations, ever show,
In forgiving and forgetting do not be slow.


People may boast....

People may boast of their pomp and power,
But, I want to live in an ivory tower;
They may sing of their wealth and treasure,
But I am happy to enjoy my leisure;

They may enjoy a glittering goblet on green grass,
But I find myself placed in a different class;
They may feel proud of their family and valiant deed,
But I do not believe in colour, caste or creed;

They may tell tales of romance and love,
But I think I have still to wait, watch and serve;
They may talk of their influence and fame,
But to me they go by the same door by which they came;

They may be interested in domination and strife,
But I want to lead a carefree simple life;
They may extoll their ambition and show,
But I am content with what my great God may bestow.


The Veiled Vision

Where contentment is the chosen code of conduct assuring inner satisfaction;
Where hope is the lantern ever to keep alive in every situation;
Where courage is extolled and fear has lost its connotation;
Where self-discipline has curtailed the scope of state legislation;

Where it is an exciting experience to do duty and to know the station;
Where love rules and hate has preferred to be in utter subjection;

Where honest labour is admired and there is no possibility of exploitation;
Where the spirit of mutual adjustment avoids vexatious litigation;

Where poverty is not a disgrace and casts no adverse reflection;
Where there is thirst for knowledge and an urge for perfection;

Where self-help is a virtue and self-knowledge a means to inner illumination;
Where renunciation is the rule which leads to all absorbing purification;

Where many a difficulty is solved by taking recourse to judicious discretion;
Where self-help is the law and mutual help the usage in operation;

Where talent receives recognition and merit is the main recommendation;
Where truth holds the sceptre, and obedience to it comes without hesitation;

Where high values are adorned with a clear conscience and a firm conviction;
Where silent, selfless service is a source of securing social salvation;

Where the trifles besetting daily life receive no consideration;
Where humility and sincerity are the outcome of self-introspection;

Where innocence and simplicity win appreciation and receive due recognition;
Where to rise above invidious distinctions is to seek liberation from the state of irritation;

Lead on, Thou, there O, my Master,
And guide us to a share of the gift, of the gathered wisdom of the ages gone,
In blessed peace and calm reflection.


first published in his lecture ,"The Sanctifying Grace of Seclusion" (1984)  

On reaching...

On reaching the gate of heaven in dark dreary night,
I asked the man standing there to change my plight:
'Pray! Show light, and lead me to the way right;'
He replied that submission to Divine Will was better than light.


first published in his lecture 'The Inward Peace' (April 1978)
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Section Three

Poems of
Dr Zahurul Hasan Sharib
Section Three

Poems of
Dr Zahurul Hasan Sharib