Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti     Hazrat Abdul Qadir al-Jillani     Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Section Two
Verses in praise of  Saints

Verse in praise of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi


Of surpassing grandeur, Mevlana!
Of towering solemnity and grace, Mevlana!
A fortress of light in a sea of darkness, Mevlana!
The substance of divinity, Mevlana!
Lover and Beloved of Shams-i-Tabriz, Mevlana!
The saviour of society and the one
who lends grace and beauty
                             to the people, Mevlana!
The author of tranquility in troubled times, Mevlana!
The invisible axis of the universal dance, Mevlana!
All hail Mevlana! All hail Mevlana! All hail Mevlana!
Goal of the seekers, finder of the lost,
Key to the treasury of divine blessings,
Uniter of hearts, keeper of the Faith,
Solver of problems, Light of the lights,
Beloved of lovers and lover of the Beloved,
The eternal ocean of divine Love,
O Jamil, lose thy self and find only him, Mevlana!

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

For Nawob Saheb


Cascading, from on high, come words that really matter,
A banquet of words that are a joy for lips to utter.
A God-given pleasure, yes! And here's the thing,
Words that sing themselves, whilst they are dancing,
On the page; age-less words, opening the way,
For rivers of bliss; assuaging fears that say,
“Surely it can't happen this way?” Turning every tear,
Into liquid light, strewing jewels both far and near.
Rhythm too, restlessly, drumming up business, as it were!
Scented beauties descending a rose petal covered stair,
Pouring essence into many a waiting jug or cup,
Till with honeyed joy they overflow, not just fill up.
Yes, here is a wedding party that is surely worth attending,
When with Khadim's words, of the Beloved we are singing.
in praise of Hz. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Jillani (aka Ghous Pak, Ghousul Azam, and Piran-i-Pir).


The lamp of the assembly of Plurality and the candle of Unity is Ghous-ul-Azam,
The giver of lustre to the world and the light of guidance in multiplicity is Ghous-ul-Azam,
For this very reason he indeed is beloved of God Almighty,
As an epitome of Mohammed Mustafa's manners, elegant and lofty is Ghous-ul-Azam.
Why the lovers, to have a glimpse of him may not desire?
Gives peace to the disturbed heart and solace does inspire, Ghous-ul-Azam.
Always the crown of sainthood the saints from his door get,
The distributor of the wealth of magnificence and in divine Kindness set is Ghous-ul-Azam.
Those who have come under his protection are the recipients of divine Grace,
The shade of the Benignity of God does embrace Ghous-ul-Azam.
The transgressors rely upon him in this world and in the world next,
Helper of the helpless and supporter of the sect is Ghous-ul-Azam.
O, Sharib! a beloved of of Ali, Shabbir and Shabbar he tends to be.
As a complete image of the grandeur of spiritual leadership, see Ghous-ul-Azam.

Hazrat Zahurul Hassan Sharib

Hazrat Abdul Qadeer al Jillani

I have never seen the nature of divinity made so clear,
As when expounded by the words of Hazrat Abd al Qadeer.
For without artifice or elaborate sophistry,
He speaks to the heart of the hidden, divine mystery.
If it is your wish to join the circle of the elect,
Hold holy Ghauth Pak in the deepest of deep respect.
If it is you want to tread the lower self underfoot,
Loyally place your head and heart beneath his foot!
The Master of the masters who know the great Mystery,
Pray, on the day of sorting, in his company to be.

in praise of Khawaja Muinuddin Hassan Chishti


The Qibla of lovers, Muinuddin,
The Kaaba of the enlightened, Muinuddin,
For the placid peace of the soul, O Khadim,
Wholeheartedly recall and recite, Muinuddin.

Hazrat Khadim Ajmeri (trans. Dr Sharib)

Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan

The image of divine beauty, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan,
The cause of dignity and the development of society, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
Thy colour is that of Ahmed and thy smell the smell of Hyder,
O Ye! the spring of a hundred gardens in full bloom ever, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
The beloved of Ali-i-Murtaza, the soul of the martyr of Karbala, immortal and alive,
The light of the eyes of the Holy Five, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
Thy face the face of Murtaza, thy habit that of Mustafa in all sublimity,
Thy light is the light of God Almighty, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
Now hast taken refuge at thy door, for thy one longing, lingering look of grace, at thy place
Sharib, the indigent and homeless, seeking thy grace, Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan.

Hazrat Zahurul Hassan Sharib
On Mevlana Rumi

Mevlana’s medicine is making us whole,
Destroying love of the world in the soul.
That is the poison the Ney* supplies;
For when such an unhealthy love dies,
Then the True Beloved it once concealed,
In His great Beauty becomes revealed.
Thus the poison may become the cure,
And all things be seen as holy and pure.

Ya Gharib Nawaz

Ya Gharib Nawaz, Ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
To the seeker of the Way of Love,
A name that resounds in heaven above.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, Ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was
For Allah has poured into that name
Shelter for the poor, sick, blind and lame.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
To the sick in heart, mind, or soul,
The way he showed to make them whole.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
The holy Prophet’s love is found in it,
By the needy ones who Ajmer visit.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Hazrat Ali the brave, to this name lends
The Baraka that from Allah descends.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
From Sanjar to holy Usman Harooni he came
Now he is known to all by this great name.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, Ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
It is a name that burns up any sin,
And refreshes the pilgim from within.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
To be pure, humble, generous and just
This is a name you must learn to trust.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Tasked with a whole continent to save,
The love of the One God to all he gave.
The Sage of Sanjar

Khawaja Gharib Nawaz – as the fortunate see,
Is not a corpse in a shroud, but alive is he.
As he lives in Allah’s Love, he lives permanently,
Not bound by decay and beyond the grave’s gravity.

In the glorious company of the Seal of Prophecy,
One of those bound in love to great Hazrat Ali,
His place amongst the monarchs is in eternity,
Assured, is his place in the soul of man’s story.

The Sage of Sanjar, to be in his company,
Can a poor soul have a better kind of destiny?
To be taken into the heart of one such as he,
Is to be given by the Beloved complete purity.

It is to be surrounded on all sides by Love,
A Love coming from beyond even heaven above.
A Love that purifies every good and bad deed,
A Love that fulfils man and woman’s deepest need.

Great Muinuddin Hasan to the beat of your mighty heart,
May we all march as one, and from union never depart.
Help us O Khawaja to start really and truly to live,
In Ishq to pass away, that Allah permanency may give.


From Sweet Sanjar

O Lord of the worlds what mercy you had,
When you brought us a light from sweet Sanjar

What breadth and depth of vision he had,
That true man who came to us from sweet Sanjar.

Ya Sanjari, Ya Ajmeri, Ya Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.

What a power to make hearts carefree and glad he had,
That true lover of Allah that came from sweet Sanjar,

What beauty that deputy of holy Mustafa  had,
That pilgrim of love’s way that came from sweet Sanjar

Ya Sanjari, Ya Ajmeri, Ya Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.

The courage of a lion from brave Hazrat Ali he had,
That illustrious Saint who came to us from sweet Sanjar.

The loving look of Khawaja Uthman harooni he had,
That Pir o Murshid who came to us from sweet Sanjar,m

Ya Sanjari, Ya Ajmeri, Ya Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.

How great was the Baraka of the Chishti saints he had.
That Sultan -ul Hind that came to us from sweet Sanjar.

He opened his heart to all, both happy and sad,
Millions flock to the door of the Saint from Sanjar.

Ya Sanjari, Ya Ajmeri, Ya Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.
Gharib Nawaz

To a vision deeper and more meaningful than visions, I was led;
To the home. in Ajmer. of one whose heart for man‘s plight bled.
Who established at the holy Prophet’s behest, an empire so great,
That many millions before me had made their way to this gate.

In the shelter of his mind and heart - filled with love abundant,
A purpose I found; so good that to pursue it became incumbent.
Ah yes the daily realities take their toll, but Love is Oft-returning,
And in Love’s throne I found that which is really worth serving.

The sage of Sanjar, in Love he lived, and died and yet still lives,
The power of Love to unite mankind is the lesson daily he gives.
Love’s reality is deeply hid at the very core of this galaxy of souls,
But though no size at all, the destiny of all mankind it controls.

A few feet of earth is enough to cover the body of Gharib Nawaz,
But a universe cannot contain the loving heart of Gharib Nawaz.
A river may follow a winding way but finally reaches the sea,
When I reach life’s end - in the company of Gharib Nawaz may it be.

Zahuri Ramadan 2013

The Fireplace of Love

There is a subtle thought that the mind has been concealing,
That somehow it has departed - that sweet, loving, feeling.

Draw aside the veil of that thought and be revealing,
The fire of love, in its full intensity, that is forever burning.

You placed a fire guard before it to protect children playing,
Send them off to bed and with the beloved one be staying.

It’s the kind of fire that all corruption is consuming,
One, that heart and mind it is thoroughly cleansing.

Its substance is that liquid light, with which the soul is shining,
Fantasy, folly, unfounded fears, feeble excuses it’s destroying..

Its energy is eternal, fierce and can be very, very, frightening,
But the intensity of love to your life it is constantly bringing.

O great Khawaja your meditations, so profound and so inspiring,
These thoughts to the mind of your servant Zahuri they are bringing.
Ya Gharib Nawaz, Ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Being free from all kinds of bigotry
He opened his door to all, even me

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Many miracles from Allah came and went
The message of Love remained – heaven sent.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
When the time to meet his Beloved came
The angels were surely singing this name

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Now beneath Allah’s throne he lives
And to all the sincere, blessings he gives.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
He does not judge by what they say
But how in their heart they pray.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, or Jew,
He never refuses those who are true.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
To his ‘Urs they come from everywhere
Presidents and paupers to say their prayer

Ya Gharib Nawaz, ya Gharib Nawaz,
No sweeter name there ever was,
Now we hear this refrain everywhere
Even from those who only in spirit are there.

Ya Gharib Nawaz, Ya Gharib Nawaz,
A sweeter name there never was.

O Gharib Nawaz hear this our plea,
Cleanse the mirror of our heart that we may be
In wonder at the love Allah has for thee,
And from ignorance and doubt ever be free.

Zahuri May 2012