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Zahurmian and disciples in Southampton
Hay on Wye - Zahurmian with disciples
Disciples & friends: Nawob Sahib's room,
The Shrine of Nawob Saheb
Nawob Saheb
Zahuri Manzil, Southampton, with visitors
The Shrine of Zahurmian (1)
Shrine of Zahurmian (2)
Shrine of Hazrat Sabir Saheb
Kalyan Sharif
Shrine of Shaykh Latif, Pakistan
'Where Two Oceans met....'The meeting
place of Mevlana and Hazrat Shems.
from outside (Dec 02)
Shrine of Mevlana Rumi (exterior view)
Mevlana Rumi shrine (interior views 1)
Ali Baba at home (Mehram), Konya
Fatiha for Zahurmian in Italy 2003
The Hills of Ajmer
Zahuri Manzil Urs 2010
Zahuri Manzil Urs 2011
By and large these are
photos taken by friends
marking some particular
occasion or place. They are
included for this reason and
not for any phographic merit
they may, or may not, have.
Zahuri Manzil Montage
Urs 2012
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