The Shrine of Hazrat Khadim Hasan Saheb Usmani
Gudri Shah Baba III known as Nawob Saheb
(situated near the Chilla of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz)

This view is from the the place where Zahurmian
used to sit after he had visited and payed respects
at all the shrines of his spiritual predecessors. The
grave covered in yellow in the foreground is that of
Nawob Saheb's wife.

photo: courtesy of Qamaruddin Corrado (Italy)
Disciples of Zahurmian in the room of his spiritual
guide, Nawob Gudri Shah Baba, Ajmer, India.

From right to left. Ijlal Siddiqi (UK) Haseena
Corrado (Italy), Lisa Malin (Austria), Shahana
(Wales), Farhana (UK), Qamar Corrado (Italy).
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