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Some rational minded philosophers like to engage in sophisticated discussions on the nature of the word, the
world, and eternity. The road we travel is not that of rational debate, it is the road of abandoning the self,
abandoning enmity and envy, becoming dust (under the foot of the Beloved). When God reveals secrets directly
gratitude (not debate) is required of one.

Should I tell you about gratitude with hypocrisy or shall I speak truthfully?

Praise be to God, don't lose hope. You face towards placid serenity and pure light, and it disposes you towards
the right and towards the soul’s ease. Suffering has passed, opaqueness has passed.

As Mevlana knows well, though physically I came here rarely, I was always present. I was engaged in
supplication night and day. I didn't want you to witness that suffering but now it has passed and my condition is
good, so I have come to see you. “You are the best of people and you give benefit to the people”. Your very
existence will have its impact on people for many years to come. You are going towards youthfulness; old age
will not find the way to reach you. Every day you become younger.

The best of people are those who benefit others. If one does not know good how can one do good. If one does
not know what long life is how can they wish others a long life.

If a single penny of yours goes to one of the folk of love it is better than a thousand pounds that goes to
someone with a base nature. This cannot be explained to you because your lower nature is alive and active and
if I say anything you will speak and I will have to cut myself off from you
These pages contain a selection of Farsi extracts from "Me and Rumi" The autobiography of Shams-i-Tabriz by William Chittick.
Published by                               978-964-8838-65-7

The translation that William Chittick has provided have been the basis for the translations made here but they have been
ammended and edited by Jamil Morris and Yasmine Arjomand..