This is the eighth of the Persian pages, continuing the rendering in English of
the mystical thought of Khawaja Hafiz Shirazi,
The Poetry of Khawaja Hafiz Shirazi
Ghazal 25 (W-C 29)

The messenger, who visited us from the land of the Friend,
With the amulet of life from the deep writing of the Friend.

Happily showed us signs of the Glory and Beauty of the Friend;
So that in its seeking the heart gains hope from the Friend.

For this good news I gave him my heart, but felt bad,
That, to shower on the friend, coin of so little worth I had.

Praise belongs to God that with fortune’s friendly favour,
The Friend’s demands are in accord with my behaviour.

By what power is the sphere orbiting and moon turning,
By the command of the Friend they are this way moving.

If both the worlds collide due to the wind of calamity,
We and the light of the Friend’s eye together expect to be.

O breeze of the dawn bring kohl that from pure pearl is ground,
From blessed dust, that only where the Friend treads can be found.

United in prayer are my head and the threshold of the Friend,
Let us see who sleeps sweetly in the bosom of the Friend.

If the enemy should speak of designs against the life of Hafiz,
Why fear! Thanks God, for me, no shame in the Friend there is.
Ghazal 25 Parsi

Aan peike naamvar ke resid az diaare doost
Aavard herze jaan ze khate moshkbaare doost

Khosh midahad neshaane jallal o jamaale yaar
Khosh mikonad hekaayate ezz o vaghaare doost

Del daadamash be mojde o khejlat hami baram
Zin naghde ghalbe khish ke kardam nesaare doost

Shokre khodaa ke az madade bakhte kaarsaaz
Bar hasbe aarezoost hame kaar o bare doost

Seire sepehr o dovre ghamar raa che ekhtiaar
Dar gardeshand bar hasabe ekhtiaare doost

Gar baade fetne har do jahaan raa be ham zanad
Maa o cheraaghe chashm o rahe entezaare doost

Kohlol javaaheri be man aar ey nasime sobh
Zaan khaake nikbakht ke shod rahgozaare doost

Maaeem o aastaaneye eshgh o sare niaaz
Taa khaabe khosh ke raa barad andar kenaare doost

Doshman be ghasde Hafez agar dam zanad che baak
Mennat khodaay raa ke niam sharmsaare doost
Ghazal 26 Parsi

Marhabaa ey peike moshtaaghaan bede peighaame doost
Taa konam jaan az sare reghbat fadaaye naame doost

Vaale o sheidaast daaem hamcho bolbol dar ghafas
Tootiye tab-am ze eshghe shekkar o baadaame doost

Zolfe ou daam ast o khaalash daaneye aan daam o man
Bar omide daanei oftaadeam dar daame doost

Sar ze masti bar nagirad taa be sobhe rooze hashr
Hark e chon man dar azal yek jor-e khord az jaame doost

Bas nagooyam shammei az sharhe shovghe khod azaank
Darde sar baashad nemoodan bish az in ebraame doost

Gar dahad dastam kesham dar dide hamchon tootiaa
Khaake raahi kaan mosharraf gardad az aghdaame doost

Meile man sooye vesaal o ghasde ou sooye feraagh
Tarke kaame khod gereftam taa bar aayad kaame doost

Hafez andar darde ou misooz o bi darmaan besaaz
Zaanke daaraami nadaarad dard bi aaraame doost
Ghazal 26 (W-C 30)

Welcome, messenger of the longing ones! Give word of the friend,
So that, in blissful desire, I may sacrifice my soul, for that friend.

Weeping and wailing ever I am, as the bulbul in a cage would be,
Desire for the
friend’s sugar and almonds a parrot’s nature gave me.

My beloved’s curls are a snare; that mole is grain, a bait to catch me.
From desire for that bait, I fell into the trap that the
friend set for me.  

Till the Morning of Assembly, from drunkenness never departed,
One who, like me, drank from the
friend’s cup, before time started.

I say very little regarding my own desire, because,
Of the
friend’s headache I don’t want to be the cause.

If it comes to my hand, on my eye the salve I will put,
Of the dust of the blest path where treads the
friend’s foot.

My wish is for union, but, preferring separation is the
So I gave up my desire in favour of the desire of the friend.

Hafiz continue to grieve; accept that there is no remedy,
Because the restless pain of the
friend is without remedy.  
Ghazal 27 (W-C 31)

O breeze, from the land of the
friend, if you happen by there,
From the musk-laden hair of the
friend bring fragrance filled air.

I would gratefully give my life for you; on my life I say, I say it!
If you would bring the
friend’s message, and to me deliver it.

If you can’t pass through the door to see the
friend personally,
Bring some dust from that doorstep as an eye salve for me.

A lost beggar I am? In desire of union with the
friend, lost badly!
How to see the  
friend’s fair form manifest? In sleep maybe?

My pine-cone shaped heart, like the willow is trembling,
The pine-like, shapely tallness of the
friend, it is desiring.

The friend wouldn’t give a brass farthing to buy us, this we know:
For the world we won’t part with a single hair, of the
friend though.

If his heart’s bondage to grief and sorrow were brought to an end,
Hafiz would still remain the bond slave and servant of the
Ghazal 27 Parsi

Sabaa gar gozari oftadat be keshvare doost
Biaar nafhei ze gisooye moanbare doost

Be jaane ou ke be shokraane jaan bar afshaanam
Agar be sooye man aari payaami az bare doost

Vagar chenaan ke dar aan hazratat nabaashad baar
Baraaye dide biaavar ghobaari aaz dare doost

Mane gedaa o tamannaye vasle ou heihaat
Magar be khaab bebinam khiaale manzare doost

Dele senovbariam hamcho bid larzaan ast
Ze hasrate ghad o baalaaye chon senovbare doost

Agarche doost be chizi nemikharad maar aa
Be aalami naforooshim moee az sare doost

Che baashad ar shaved az bande gham delash aazaad
Cho hast Hafeze meskin gholaam o chaakere doost
Ghazal 28 (W-C 32)

Come, for the palace of Hope, on unsound foundations is standing,
Give the wine cup! Even life’s foundation in the wind is blowing.

Beneath the sky-blue dome I am a slave with firm resolve,
So that attachment to all shades and hues I did dissolve.

What should I tell you about what happened in the tavern last night?
Dead drunk I was, but an immortal spirit gave me good news alright.

Saying; “Far-seeing falcon, your nest is in paradise’s Sidra tree,
Not nesting in a dark corner of this sorry, sad city, should you be.

From the heavenly battlements on high, they are calling you;
I wonder what happened in this place of traps to ensnare you.”

A piece of wise advice I give you – remember, and follow it too,
For it comes from the Pir, who, very well the way of Tariqat knew.

Don’t grieve for this old world – remember what I say clearly,
For a traveller in God’s Way spoke these words sincerely;

“Be content with what God gives, and stop this frowning,
For you and me the door of choice will not be opening.”

No fidelity is found in this shifting world; an old hag;
A bride, who with a thousand lovers will happily shag.

In the smile of the rose you will not find agreement to fidelity,
Dear bulbul, rose-lover, cry! This is the place of tears you see.

O half-hearted verse-mongers, of Hafiz why have you envy,
In heartfelt acceptance and graceful words, God’s gift see.
Ghazal 28 Parsi

Biaa ke ghasre amal sakht sost bonyaad ast
Biaar baade ke bonyaade omr bar baad ast

Gholaame hemmate aanam ke zire charkhe kabood
Ze harche range ta-alogh pazirad aazaad ast

Che guyamat ke be meykhaane doosh mast o kharaab
Soroushe aalame gheibam che mojdehaa daadast

Ke ey boland nazar shaahbaaze sedre neshin
Neshimane to na in konje mehnat aabaad ast

To raa ze kongereye arsh mizanand safir
Nadanamat ke dar in daamgah che oftaadast

Nasihati konamat yaad gir o dar amal aar
Ke in hadis ze pire tarighatam yad ast

Ghame jahan makhor o pande man mabar az yaad
Ke in latifeye eshgham ze rahroee yaad ast

Reza be daade bede vaz jabin gereh bogshaa
Ke bar man o to dare ekhtiar nagshaadast

Majoo dorostiye ahd az jahaane sost nahaad
Ke in ajooz aroose hezaar daamaad ast

Neshaane ahd o vafaa nist dar tabasome gol
Benaal bolbole bidel ke jaaye faryaad ast

Hasad che mibari ey sost nazm bar Hafez
Ghaboole khaater o lotfe sokhan khodaadaad ast
Ghazal 29 (W-C 33)
Ghazal 29 Parsi
Ghazal 30 (W-C 34)

In the breast a rose, wine in hand, and a beauty, all mine!
On such a day the ruler of the world is a slave of mine.

O don’t bring candles to the get-together tonight,
For our party, that friend’s moon-face will be full and bright.

For the company there the wine will be lawful fare,
But only if that slender cypress in rose-form is there.

With the melodies of string and reed pipe, my ears I fill,
With ruby lip and wine-cup passing round, my eyes I fill.

At this party the making of perfume is not our goal,
That hair tip’s scent each moment perfumes our soul.

The sweetness of sugar-candy – don’t mention that.
The sweetness of your ruby lip - my desire is that!

In grief, I found a treasure in this ruined heart,
Since then from the corner of this Inn I don’t depart.

Don’t speak of shame, from shame came my fame,
Don’t speak of fame, from fame came my shame.

Constantly carousing, head spinning, glance-giving  are we!
Is there anyone in this city who is not behaving like me?

The guardian of morals there is no need to inform of this,
Because like me in search of such bliss he also is.

Hafiz let no moment pass without wine and the lovely one,
The time of rose and jasmine and Eid partying has begun.
Ghazal 30 Parsi

Gol dar bar o mey dar kaf o mashoogh be kaam ast
Soltaane jahaanam be chonin rooz gholaam ast

Goo sham mayaarid dar in jam ke emshab
Dar majlese maa maahe rokhe doost tamaam ast

Dar mazhabe maa baade halaal ast valiken
Bi rooye to ey sarve golandaam haraam ast

Goosham hame bar ghovle ney o naghmeye chang ast
Chashmam hame bar la-le lab o gardeshe jaam ast

Dar majlese maa atr mayamiz ke maa raa
Har lahze ze gisooye to khoshbooy mashaam ast

Az chaashniye ghand magoo hich o ze shekkar
Zaan roo ke maraa az labe shirine to kaam ast

Ta ganje ghamat dar dele viraane moghim ast
Hamvaare maraa kooye kharaabaat moghaam ast

Az nang che gooee ke ma ra naam ze nang ast
Vaz naam che porsi ke maraa nang ze naam ast

Meikhaare o sargashte o rendim o nazar baaz
Vaan kas ke cho maa nist dar in shahr kodaam ast

Baa mohtasebam eyb magooeed ke ou niz
Peyvaste cho maa dar talabe eyshe modaam ast

Hafez maneshin bi mey o mashoogh zamaani
Kayyaame gol o yaasaman o eide siyaam ast
photo of Hafiziya - by Maryam Moghadam
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