This is the second page continuing the rendering in English of the mystical thought of
Khawaja Hafiz Shirazi as expressed in the form of the Rubai. This form has four lines
(Tetrastich) the third of which has no rhyme .Essentially the thoughts are expressed in
three lines - the first two setting up the theme and the third and fourth - effectively one long
line - bringing the thought to its natural conclusion. In the English rendition we have
retained that rhyming and have also attempted to ensure an even scanning for each line
for more pleasing poetic effect.

Where Parsi text and transliteration has been available we have used these.
O first, with fidelity’s joyous wine, that dear one plied me,
But then, having got me dead drunk, that faithless one just left me;
So in the end my heart, with burning grief and tears, is broken,
And I am road-dust, raised by that beloved foot treading on me.
This world’s top beauties can be had for gold,
And make very happy those who buy with gold;
Look, the  Narcissus is the king of the world,
Because it’s glorious crown is made of gold.
Encompassed by devastating floods this life is,
See, filling up with so much baggage this life is!
O wake up wise old man that happily in good time,
Transported, your baggage may be, while life there is.
The season of youth is the season of wine,
The desolation of grief - reason for wine,
In this transitory ruined place, the world,
It would be fitting to be ruined by wine.

To imbibe wine, on the green river-bank be,
Free from anguish, anger and anxiety;
Transient our ten days of life - like flowers,
So smile, and, for such a short time, happy be.
In the lock of that hyacinth-hair I hung helplessly,
And requested good treatment due to my melancholy,
‘Let go of the hair and to the lip cling’, I was told,
'Not in long life, but in the place of that pleasure be’.
Your eye that Babylon’s magic taught mastery,
O Lord forgotten such an enchantment may be,
But the earring wearing one, wound round Beauty,
Adorned by the pearls of Hafiz’ poetry should be.
Conforming to my broken heart’s desire every work should be,
Or from the land of body its king, the soul, in flight will be.
My hope and expectation derived from God’s great Majesty,
Is that all doors of happiness then will open up for me.
O friend! Prevent your heart from engaging your enemy,
And with your beloved sparkling wine absorbed be;
You can unbutton your collar with the lovely one,
But out from under the worthless one pull your robe free.
O when that black musk-scented mole was unveiled,
Then that moon-faced beauty was no more concealed;
The heart of that beauty was as visible,
As a hard stone that clear waters have revealed.
The bitterness of separation from you came,
Salt on a wounded liver would feel much the same:
I feared this day of separation would come,
And now you see that it came, actually came.
Every friend became a foe, loyalty did fail,
All true men of the Way have fallen into travail;
Pregnant with potential night is supposed to be,
But how to become impregnated without a male.
The Poetry of Khawaja Hafiz Shirazi
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