The Lectures
Hazrat Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib
Zahurmian brought out three lectures each year until shortly before he
passed away in 1996. These were for the Society of Mystics - of which
he was the founding President, but could be purchased seperately or
collectively by any genuinly interested person. They were intended to
convey the Sufi message of love and humanism and to speak out
across sectarian, barriers.

Available as a complete book, in Delhi, India by Spirit Publications.

We have undertaken the publication on the world wide web of four of these to serve as
an introduction. Information on obtaining copies of the lectures can be had by e-mailing:

1a. La Pace Interiore (Italian version)

2.   The Thought Patterns of the Mystics

2a  Editorial notes and commentary.

3.   Stop Hating Start Loving

4.   The Sustaining Power of Patience

5.    The Inward Peace