The Shrine of Bayazid Bistami
courtesy of Yasmin Arjoman (Kirman) and Maryam Moghadam (Shiraz) 2015
shrine of Hazrat Kharaqani
Shaikh Abul-Hassan Kharaqani is one of the
master sufis of Islam. He was born (963) &
buried (1033) in a "kharaqan"village of
Semnan province of Iran. He was unlearned in
letters but had wide inspirational knowledge
about Quran. He was the master of the
famous persian sufi& poet Khwajah Abdullah
Ansari. His shrine was one visited by Khwaja
Muinuddin Hasan his travels.
The writing says; Sultan Arefan Bayazid Bastami
Shah Nimatullah wali(1330-1431 born in Syria,died in iran) was a sufi
master& poet from 14th-15th centries. His shrine is located in Mahan
of kerman province in Iran. Today sufi order Nimatullahi considers
him its founder.
Shrine of  Abdul Salaam (near Mahan)  Khasgool
The shrine of Baba Kuhi
At this shrine it is said Hafiz Shirazi found the
inspiration that made him into the great
saint-poet he is.
Hafiziya - the shrine of Hafiz Shirazi Saheb