Note on the use of the term humanism

The term humanism has been used differently over the years and is
frequently used these days as synonymous with atheism. This was
not the implication intended by Zahurmian, who used it, I believe,
to convey the centrality of man in the Divine Scheme as the divine
vice-regent -  just as it has been said by the wise - 'the service of
is the service of God'. It has also been said of course 'to know
God, know thyself'.

Certain strands of religious thought  see God as entirely
transcendent, others as entirely immanent. The Sufi view I believe
is to recognise that man has the capacity, with the grace of God, to
become absorbed in God; transforming, rather than losing, his
humanity and without being in any sense comparable to God -
rather becoming how God made him 'in His own image'.

It could be said that the goal of the Sufi is to become truly human.
As the holy Qur'an puts it - 'made in the best of moulds'*.


*(See the verses under the title - 'The Fig').