There are several suggestions in the
1. A Sufi shrine or a mosque with a light
suggesting the idea of the light of
knowledge - a beacon. The minarets
evoking the call to prayer.
2. A paradise-like symmetry with fountain
and clean reflective surfaces indicating
purity. (see also Qur'an 27.44 for reflective
3. The suggestion of an ethereal figure (the
inner Sufi guide)
4. A gold clasp with keyhole across the
front of a book -suggesting locked secrets
requiring a key.
5. A night sky beyond - indicating the idea
of the Universal Real beyond the
image/veil. The irradiating of the fountain
into the night sky suggesting expansion of
the heart. Along with this the strong
perspective lines suggesting "the Straight
Path" leading to the Real. Otherwise the
flat patterned effect suggesting unity (of
surface) with variety (of shape).
6. The gold crown of the building (the crown
of sainthood or spiritual sovereignty).
7. The slender erect cypress trees, like
guardians - showing spiritual and moral
8. The rosebushes suggest love. The blown
petals hint at the abandon of love under the
influence of the breeze (spirit) contrasting
with the symmetrical formality of the
garden. Roses are also frequently offered
at the shrines of saints.
9. The calligraphy on the shrine/mosque
and lettering, referring to the Word. The
gold corners along with the clasp
suggesting an old and valuable book and
thus referring us back to the 'Mother of the
Book'. The predominant White, blue and
gold colours have their own symbolic
significance., grey and pink have a
decorative and structural role in the

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