Some of the possible ideas in this picture are:
suggesting the cosmic or universal nature of
the image.

The progression from the mineral state
suggested by the more geometic patterns in
the lowest part of the background within egg
like shape. These leading up into the vegetal
level of development suggested by the
organic areas especially in the central plant
image. (See Mevlana Rumi for these
evolutionary stages of man.)

The animal level of development suggested
by images of fighting animals, birds etc. The
shadowy figures of humans suggesting
undeveloped man or the illusory life of this
world. They seem like shadows of the angelic
figures, suggesting the level of the perfected
souls.The highest level is left undescribed.
The white figure in the foreground could refer
to the 'the perfect, cosmic man'. The other
possibility is that it refers to the perfected
soul, as described by Shah Wali Ullah. He tells
us there is a 'place' where an aspect of the
individual soul is represented as pure light.
Unholy acts and thoughts produce dark
blemishes, when one is entirely purified this
image of the individual is of pure white light.