(sometimes translated as the logos) the first manifestation of Divinity.

There is a pinkish glow emanating from the centre of the circle, and this could be seen as symbolising
the purified heart. In Sufism the heart is seen as providing the energy and drive for the individual. *

The arch can be seen to represent the sphere of the purified intellect. It is this that commands and
controls the energy of the heart, which in turn controls the impulses of the bodily soul - when they are all
in true relationship to one another.

Inside that half circle the 'ideas' or angelic inspirations (stars) are in  clear line and order, outside they
are in a more random pattern. The apparent lack of pattern in the the stars, outside the soul, is of
course illusory but it's pattern can only be discerned by the Soul of souls.

In the lower part of the picture there is a plane projecting backwards, apparently into space. The
coloured part of this plane may suggest the bodily soul or possibly materiality. Where it overlaps with
the circle it appears pure white - purified substance. From this arises a figure - it is left ambiguous but
is based on the pose of a Mevlevi dancer representing the idea of oneness. It also evokes, perhaps,
the idea of a candle melting. This figure reaches up to the top band and thus unites the purified
physical self or material world with the purified heart and intellect or spiritual world
The night sky has associations with the moon, mentioned above, but is also used to symbolise the
idea of Reality that lies beyond symbolism and images.

Other features are structural and decorative but are intended to convey order, serenity, and peace.