The Urs Fatiha for Dr Zahurul Hasan Sharib

On the 8th and 9th of April 2011 many friends, well wishers and followers of
Zahurmian gathered at Polygon Court to celebrate the occasion of his passing into
the Mercy Of Allah.

Hazrat Inaam Hasan the Sajjadanashin of Zahurmian sent the following e-mail.

Very Dear Jamil Bhai, I was moved to receive your mail regarding the Urs of Zahur
Mian according to the English calender.
I read your  e mail in front of the shrine of Zahur mian with tears and prayed for
everyone's health peace and prosperity, who comes to attend this holy Urs in your
I pray for the success of the Urs programme.
Inam Hasan

My dear wife Farhana who, from love, gave many hours of labour and support to
make the occasion succesful knows my indebtednes to her cannot be adequately
expressed in words. Her many friends gave her such helpful support.

Amongst those present we were particularly happy to see Suraiya and Salim from
Holland and Hasina and her daughter Samina from Dusseldorf. That they made
such a long journey is a great demonstration of the affection Zahurmian inspired. It
was also good to have the presence of Hasan Bhai and his wife Aminah and
daughter travelling from London with Ubaidah and her daughter Lubana.  Our
special thanks to Adam who travelled all the way to Stansted to bring Suraiya and
her daughter from the airport, I hope Zahurmian will reward him suitably. Luqman
and Mikail were most helpful in preparation and participation and helped things to
go smoothly and I pray they may be suitably rewarded. Some of Luqman's photos
are shown below - he obviously has the making of first rate photographer. As
always I was particularly happy to see Farhan and his parents - who always
gladden the heart. Thanks too to Akbar for leading the Magrib Namaz.

Another most welcome guest was the beautiful warm spring sunshine whose
warmth  and light after a hard winter spread a mantle of beauty over the spring
flowers in the garden and seemed to mirror the warm feelings in the heart of the
people there.  

On the Friday we had a reading from the Qur'an followed by Zikr and then Fatiha in
Zahuri Manzil. This was followed by a meal. We then had a reading of one of
Zahurmians lectures on Spiritual Direction. This was followed by listening to Qwaal
on CD until midnight

The following morning we held a recitation of Juz Amma (the thirtieth part of the
holy Qur'an) followed by a brief Qwaal and then closed the occasion sprinkling
rose water over Zahuri Manzil (and the participants).

After a welcome sleep that seemed to overtake everyone in the afternoon we
continued to enjoy the company of our dear friends and beautiful food prepared by
Farhana and her good hearted ladies. I do not think I will forget the pleasant
Sunday morning that followed - a brief walk in the park and some refreshment
sitting in the garden before having to bid a fond farewell to Suraya and Salim and
then to Hasina and her lovely daughter.

In all of this I have not mentioned the most important part - which was the unseen
presence of our real host, Zahurmian. May God bless him for the beauty and joy he
brought into the hearts of so many and continues to bring from the unseen beyond
the veil of this world.

In a world of hardened hearts and ever hardening divisive attitudes - of religious
fanaticism, material greed, loose morals, sectarian differences, political divides,
and national and international strife - Zahurmian's message of tolerance, love for
all mankind, and emphasis on the unity of man irrespective caste, class, and creed,
like a balmy breeze on a summer's day, restores the mind and the heart to a state
of sanguinity. It reconciles us to a love that radiates to all in the tradition of
Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti (ra), Hz Abdul Qadir al-Jillani (ra) and Mevlana
Rumi (ra) and of the best of the great sufi tradition.

And what is this love for all? The ordinary intellect cannot grasp it, the unprepared
heart cannot fathom it, but the guide can bring us to that place where it is as clear
and as real as daylight, as the sunlight reflected on a still pool, as dew in the
morning, as rain on dry earth, as the crisp sound of snow underfoot, as the hug of a
loved one, as a mother's smile or a father's pride, as a baby's innocence. It is the
answer to the question - what is it all about? It is sufficient.

It is more than sufficient.

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
Southampton April 11th 2011