The Urs of Dr Sharib was celebrated in Southampton in Zahuri Manzil according
to the solar calender. It was 14 years since our dear friend and guide passed
into the Mercy of Allah.

The programme began at 4.30 pm consisted of

4.30pm         Qur'an recital

5.52pm        Asr Namaz

6.15pm        Zikr

7.15 pm       Fatiha and short speech

7.55 pm       Magrib Namaz

8.15 pm       Meal

Followed by Qwaal on CD

finishing at midnight

Friday 9th April

10.30 am         Qur'an recital

11.30 am         Short Qwaal on CD

12.30 pm        Close

The following morning at 10.30 am there was further Qur'an recital followed by
Qwaal and a final prayer of dedication (Cul).

Hasan Bhai made the journey from London to be with us and this was much

It was a hugely enjoyable occasion and hopefully one pleasing to our 'host'

20 people attended and the weather was exceptionally kind to us - a beautiful
spring day..
The Urs/Fatiha of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib
      Southampton April 8th/9th 2010