Daily Grace

The way to be free from idolatry,
Is to live life as it is meant to be;
Receiving as a grace from heaven
Each day, a new life, filled with
renewed love,
Not for this or that particular thing,
But for the unity implicit in everything.
Sonnet 29

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless' cries,
And look upon myself, and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possessed,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts  myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee - and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising,
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings,
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

William Shakespeare
from 'Designs in Poetry'  (Macmillan 1968)
Zahuri Web site Dec 22nd 2009.
A Thought on Retirement

All that work turned out to be
A preparation for
this work, I see
That was the Wudhu*
This is the prayer, true.

*Wudhu is the ritual ablution before ritual prayers in

Zahuri - January 13th 2012
A Pretty Wise and Witty Aphorism
The young and pretty are not always wise and witty,
Though may be smart:
But the wise and witty are always young and pretty –
In the heart!

Zahuri - March 28th 2012
This poetic imagery,
Veils His Reality,
But in joy,
So enjoy.

Love's divinity,
Is the infinity
Of His Love


Love knows no other.


You came and I became You!


Good Egg

If I was an egg,
I would surely beg
To be eaten by you.
That is what Love can do!

Life and Death
Death says to life 'You are within me',
Life says to Death 'You are my destiny'.


Life comes from nowhere,
And then goes back there.

Zahuri March 2012
On keeping good company in thought and deed Mevlana Rumi says:

He that is bitter will assuredly be attached to those that are bitter: how should the vain
breath (false words) be joined with the truth?

O brother, you are that same thought (of yours): as for the rest, you are only bone and fibre.

If your thought is a rose, you are a rose garden; and if it is a thorn, you are fuel for the bath

Masnevi Book 2 (276-278)
May 1st 2005
Good Manners

Good manners are indeed nothing but
forbearance with everyone that is unmannerly.

Masnevi Book 4   (July 2008)

Is it a wonder when on a whistle-stop tour,
Novelty itself begins to be a bit of a bore?
Then the dull routines of the folk at home,
The mind sees like a light on a distant shore.

Wet, Wet, Wet.
Rain is inevitably wet – the more,  the wetter,
Love is inevitably great – the more, the better.

How can you find the heart? Follow the way to Allah,
Then keep right on going, from there it’s not very far


Enterprises come, they stay a while, and go,
Even the enterprise of life itself acts just so;
Keep in mind the importance of being kind,
It lasts, but everything else is just a show.

...the purpose of life is to live it well.

Count Leo Tolstoy 'On Life'

Feb 25th 05
The Lower Nature

Where is one that, born of woman, altogether can escape
From the lower world within him, moods of tiger, or of ape?

December 2005

The water and clay, when it fed on the breath of Jesus spread wings and pinions, became
a bird and flew.

Your glorification (of God) is an exhalation from the water and clay (of your body): it
became a bird of paradise through the breathing (into it) of your hearts sincerity.

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

Mathnawi: book 1; line 865.

September 14th 2004
Abou Ben Adhem

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An angel writing in a book of gold:—
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the Presence in the room he said
"What writest thou?"—The vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered "The names of those who love the Lord."
"And is mine one?" said Abou. "Nay, not so,"
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,
But cheerily still, and said "I pray thee, then,
Write me as one that loves his fellow men."

The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
And lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest.

James Henry Leigh Hunt

Abu bin Adhem refers to the great Sufi Ibrahim bin Adhem (8th cent AD)
James Henry Leigh Hunt was born in 1784. He was a religious man educated
at Christ Hospital. He then became the editor and writer of a newspaper
called The Examiner. His early poems are The Story of Remini and
Endymion. The earliest poems he wrote were published when he was in
school. In English Literature, Leigh Hunt is known for his achievements as an
editor, a critic and an essayist and not so much as a poet.

Thoughts, or poems culled from the wise and the witty (and some of my own) - worth pausing a moment to reflect on.
Milk (forever fresh)
A cup of milk behaving freshly,
Came dancing towards me;
Sort of spinning, rhythmically!
It is milk for me,
Today, then, I see!

Zahuri 16.04.12
Beneath the Froth find the Coffee.
You may think that short witty ditties
Like these, are only intended to please;
Well they are; but blow the froth away,
You may find they have something to say
The Muse of Poetry
This muse amuses me a lot!
When she comes to visit me,
For others I give not a jot!
But dear wife don't jealous be,
Flesh and blood she is not.
A Bright Spark
A good poem should always be quite terse,
Not dreamy or vague – quite the reverse.
Nor like lightning, a flash in the dark night,
But like a spark that sets the wick alight.
Then in the mind a true flame grows,
And in the heart with love everything glows.
A little bit here and a little bit there,
Making concessions in order to share,
Is required from both husband and wife;
If they want to live happily in this life.
Modes of Transport
By car you get there quicker,
By cycle you get there fitter,
By walking you get there wiser,
By running you get there sweatier;
But getting there surely is easier,
if you become an early riser.

Zahuri May 2012
Of Love lust is not a lover
It is just a lover of blubber.
Some Say
Some say ‘ Ishq’ translated into English cannot be,
However with them I respectfully disagree.
The word ‘love’ is that universally known bond,
Which means that of one another we are fond;
Ishq is love in a different degree it is true,
But just capitalise ‘Love’ is all you have to do.
One Day
These words and rhymes just come to me,
Like messengers of Love they appear to be.
I hope and pray the One who sends them,
Will one day give them to me personally.
Daily Grace
The way to be free from idolatry,
Is to live life as it is meant to be;
Receiving as a grace from heaven above,
Each day, a new life, filled with renewed love,
Not for this or that particular thing,
But for the Unity implicit in everything.

To pursue the goal of spirituality
You must go beyond this poetry.

It is just an indicator of the Way,
Read it well, but in it do not stay.

If, on returning from the destination,
You want a little gentle relaxation,

Then stay a while and smile with me,
So obvious it will then appear to be.

July 9th 2012

What is real homogeneity? A species of insight whereby people gain
admission into one another.

Mevlana Rumi: The Masnevi: book 6 line 2990. (trans: Nicholson)
My religion is to be kept alive by Love.

Mevlana Rumi:  Masnevi bk 6 4059 trans: Nicholson.
From book 6 of the Masnevi (1095) - words that could describe the Masnevi itself.

O lovers! New fortune has arrived from the old world that makes all things new,
From the world that is seeking a remedy for them that have no remedy: hundreds of
thousands of wonders of the world are contained in it.
Rejoice O people since the relief has come; be glad O people the distress is removed.

trans: Nicholson

A Suprise
Oh how did this health-giving rose bloom here?
In this disease ridden wasteland suddenly appear?
Radiant well-being, shining forth amidst detritus,
An answer, amongst the cries of ‘O God, save us.’.
Beauty is in the beholder’s eye, its true,
But the beholder who beholds just You!
Whatever he sees who is seeing You,
Takes on the glow of your beauty too.
Far Seeking
I am you father and your mother,
I am your sister and your brother,
I am your spouse and your lover,
I am your beloved and every other,
I am your friend, and your pet, moreover.

I am in, above, below, and around you,
I am love, seeking me far, why are you?
Looking Good
A cool head and an honest face,
Is better than the finest lace,
A smiling sweet temperament too,
The finest pearls cannot replace.
Passing Days
The days come and go – just so,
This we all do well know – no?
Young bodies mature and grow,
And older ones become slow,
The sum total of this we know,
Is that our life passes - just so!

But this secret you should know,
If the seed of love you sow,
And daily nurture it - just so,
It will continue to steadily grow,
And its effect will surely show,
Then real life you will truly know.

JMZ May 2013
Love is a Prayer
Love is a prayer that asks nothing;
A prayer that accepts everything;
It is an empty begging bowl,
Some call it a receptive soul.