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The Qur'anic Parables
Text, Translation and Commentary

Parables are profound and multiple faceted in their effect on
the mind and heart. None more so than those given by Allah
for the benefit of mankind. This book explores those parables
and the implication they have for us all.

This is the 4th in the series of commentaries on selected
texts from the Holy book by Dr Sharib.

Bibliography & Index.
Paperback, perfect bound, 218 pages, high quality paper.
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Sharib Press was founded in 1983 for the publication of works on sufism
by Dr Sharib and now includes Qur'anic Commentary.
The Qur'anic Precepts (Vol 1)
Text, Translation and Commentary

This volume (the first of two) is focused on the precepts or divine
commands that are interwoven in the sacred text of the holy Qur'an.
The precepts provide the light of moral guidance. Their purpose is
not to make life difficult but to make it immeasurably better. Dr
Sharib's short, profoundly simple, and lucid commentary underscores
their implication for 'better living'. They were a light in the darkness of
pagan Arabia and now form a bulwark against modern forms of
superstition, prejudice, and ignorance.

Bibliography & Index.
Paperback, perfect bound, 278 pages, high quality paper.
The Qur'anic Precepts (Vol 2)
Text, Translation and Commentary:  out shortly
Volume 2 completes the
full set of Qur'anic
The Qur'anic Prayers
Text, Translation and Commentary

Throughout the Holy Qur'an there can be found a number of
prayers (dua) spoken by various persons - including of course
those uttered by the Holy Prophet himself. This book collects all
the duas in the Holy Qur'an together and provides a
straightforward account of the context in which they arose. There
is also a stimulating introduction to the value and importance of
personal prayer.

Bibliography & Index.
Paperback, perfect bound, 278 pages, high quality paper.
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Hadia £7.00 + (p & p)
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