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Sharib Press was founded in 1983 for the publication of works on
sufism by Dr Sharib and now includes Qur'anic Commentary.
Sarmad and His Rubaiyat

Historically Sarmad is a shadowy figure who lived and was martyred
at the time of the early Mughal emperors in 17th century India.
Despite the opposition of the orthodox clergy and the political
machinations of the royal court, his powerful personality and
profound rubaiyat ( 4 line verses carrying a single sustained thought)
in Persian, brought him popular acclaim at the time and a continuing
reverence over the centuries. He shunned the world and sought God
alone in an uncompromising way. Dr Sharib draws from the limited
historical sources available to provide an inspiring introduction to
Sarmad's life and the complete 318 verses presented here in English
translation from the original Persian.

Perfect bound paperback, 112 pages, b&w original illustrations by Jamiluddin
Morris, photographs and some verses in original Persian script. Glossary.
Published in 1994 in the UK.

Also available on CD Rom called 'from the Garden of the Sufis'.
ISBN 0 9508926 7 X
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The Reflections of the Mystics of Islam

the Islamic world are represented in this collection of aphorisms and
thoughts. They are based on deep rooted spiritual experience and
can thus act as a focus for meditation. They are introduced by an
inspiring essay on the nature of Islamic Mysticism.

There is an alphabetical reference and glossary.

Perfect bound paperback, 178 pages, full page original b&w illustrations by
Jamiluddin Morris, photograph, and bibliography. Published in 1995 in the UK.
ISBN 0 9508926 8 8
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The Meditations
of Khawaja Muin Uddin Hasan Chishti

For the first time in English - the writings of the spiritual Emperor of
Indo-Pakistan also known as Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. A truly important

NB this is a small edition and limited stocks remain.
Paperback. 118 pages. Black & white illustrations and photographs. Bibliography.

www on-line edition
ISBN 0 9506926 8 X
£2.70 + (p & p)
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The Culture of the Sufis

An original and important contribution to the growing literature
on sufism.This book looks at the customs of sufi orders and
places them within the context of the spiritual development of
humanity. Written by a twentieth century Shaykh of of the Gudri
Shahi order, who demonstrates a profound insight into the
relevance of Islamic mysticism thought and practice to mankind
in the 20th (and 21st) Century.

Includes chapters on: The origin and development of Sufi
Orders:Initiation. Sama. Rituals and Practices:.Ethical Culture:
Moral Culture.Women and Sufism.

Paperback, on high quality paper, 217 pp. with photographic and drawn
and calligraphic illustrations
ISBN 0 9531517 1 9
£6.00 + ( p & p)
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