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Sharib Press was founded in 1983 for the publication of works on
Sufism by Dr Sharib and now includes Qur'anic Commentary.
Abu Said Abi'l-Khair and His Rubaiyat.

Abu Said Abi'l-Khair (967-1049 AD) was a seminal figure in the history
of sufism. His rubaiyat, or four line verses containing a sustained
thought, are still revered today and are regarded as part of the sacred
literature of the East. All of the 434 verses are here collected together
under headings such as Discipline, Prayer, Praise and Adoration,
Divine Revelation, Love etc. The verses are translated from the
original Persian into English with an eye to spiritual veracity by Dr
Sharib, whose own mastery of sufism gave him a brilliant insight into
the eminent saint's inner meanings. He includes an enlightening
introduction to Abu Said Abi'l Khair's life and personality.

235 pages, perfect bound paperback., 8 b&w full page illustrations by Jamiluddin
Morris. Preface, appendix and glossary. Published in 1992 in the
ISBN 0 9508926 4 5
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Hafiz and His Rubaiyat

Hafiz of Shiraz (1342-1388 AD) the preeminent mystic poet of Persia
(Iran) is best known for his Diwan but he also composed 76 rubaiyat
which are as exquisite as his longer, better known verse. They are
translated by Dr Zahurul Hasan Sharib from the original Persian into
English. Some verses are also reproduced in the original Persian
script. Anyone familiar with Middle Eastern literature will require no
introduction to his greatness any more than the average English
reader would require an introduction to Shakespeare. However Dr
Sharib includes a brief survey of his life and personality which
highlights his mystical stature for his is a spirit that truly still walks

Perfect bound paperback , 65 pages, full page b&w original illustrations by
Jamiluddin Morris and Faiz Ahmed Ferguson, photographs, glossary. Published
in 1993 in the UK.
ISBN  0 9508926 5 3
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'From the Garden of the Sufis'
Abu Said Abi'l Khair and his Rubaiyat,
Hafiz and his Rubaiyat, and Sarmad and his Rubaiyat.

This multi media CD Rom brings together three of the books of
Sharib Press advertised above. There is additional material including
pictorial illustrations, photographs, and video recordings of selected
poems read by Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri.

The CD Rom comes in its own jewel case and with specially designed cover
and label. It can be opened in 'Windows Explorer' or other suitable programme.

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