The Birthday Celebration of Dr Zahurul
Hassan Sharib

This falls on 9th January 2010. I still recall one
occasion in Ajmer when Zahurmian was in this
world - that his daughters decked out the stairs
leading from his upstairs study with garlands of
flowers. May the scent of those flowers linger on
in our hearts in remembrance of his beautiful life.

Sadly we also have to report two deaths

The father of Gulnar passed away recently and
we offer sincere condolence to Gulnar and Siraj.

Safraz Elvi passed away on Christmas Day. She
was an enthusiastic admirer of Zahurmian. She
will be missed by those of us who knew her. Our
condolences to those near to her.
The 'Urs of Hazrat Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib 09
The celebration of the 'Urs will take place in Ajmer Sharif on Sunday 8th
and Monday 9th of November 2009.
We send our warmest salaams to those attending and plan to celebrate
with a Zikr and Fatiha in Zahuri Manzil Southampton

May Allah, the eternally real  Beloved give our ever generous Guide,
who lives yet beyond the veil that only appears to seperate us, every
blessing and eternal peace and love.  
in deepest gratitude
jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
The Zahuri Sufi Web Site
Storage of old news items
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Condolences on the sad loss of life during the Hajj.
Dear Friend
Yesterday on 14th. June 2004 I have received a phone call from Faiz  
that his father Mr. Ferguson expired  at his residence peacefully.
Today   Gudri Shahi Khankah , Ajmer  has arranged the recitation of
Holy Quran and special prayer  for departure soul for his rest and
Inam Hasan Gudri Shah
I met George Ferguson on many occasions and as it happens most
of those occasions were also in company with Zahurmian, and of
course his son Faiz and wife Joyce. I remember him as a man of
placid temperament who did not seek the limelight. He was I think an
'old soldier' in the very best sense of that term. Practical, sensible,
clear headed and hard working. He was a man one could not fail to
like. He had been very ill for the last two years of his life, and indeed
had endured stoically a gradual loss of vision due to his diabetes for
many years before that.
I too offer my prayers for the peace of his soul at this time of
transition to what lies beyond this short life. Our commiserations in
their loss go to his wife Joyce and of course to his only son Faiz who
I know held him in deep affection.
The funeral is on Friday 18th June 2004
Jamil (15/06/04)
It is with sadness I report the death of
Marjorie Morris - my dear mother. She
was buried on 5th April 2007 at
Burvale Cemetery, Hersham, Surrey.

Nursing my mother during the last few
months has been a privilege and duty.
However it has also meant I have been
unable to give the website the
attention I should - so I hope now to
return to this in the near future.

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
The 28th and 29th of Ramadan is also the
'Urs of Hazrat Khadim
Nawob Gudri Shah Baba

A fatiha for the soul of Hazrat Nawob
Saheb was performed in Southampton
The 'Urs of our patron Dr Zahurul Hassan
Sharib is to be held in Ajmer on the 11th and
12th of December 2006.

Though we are not able to be present in person
in Ajmer this year our thoughts and affection will
surely not be absent.
A special fatiha for
Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah Baba

Is planned for the 8th and 9th April 06 (on the tenth anniversary
of Zahurmian's passing - according to the solar calender) in
Southampton and London. We hope to be able to welcome
friends and disciples from across Europe
Please contact us if you would like to attend.
A fatiha for Ijlal
Hussain Siddiqi will
be held on 28th
January 06 to
mark the passing
of a dear friend.
The 'Urs of Khawaja Muinuddin
Hasan Chishti (2006)
Flag and chadar procession From Usmani Chillah to
Dargah Khwaja Sahib 3 pm to 5 pm  29 Jamadi us Sani  
26 July, 2006  
Mehfil-e-Sama Devotional qawwali music 9 pm onwards
at Khanqah  5 Rajab  31 July, 2006  
All India Mushaira (Poets' symposium) 10 pm onwards at
Mehfil Khana,Dargah Khwaja Sahib  6 Rajab  1 August,
Mehfil-e-Qawwali and Langar 4 pm to 5 pm at Usmani
Chillah Near Sufi Saint School  7 Rajab  2 August, 2006  
Mehfil-e-Rindan Women singers' programme 10 pm
onwards at Khanqah  9 Rajab  4 August, 2006  
couresy of
Apologies to regular visitors - due to a combination of
technical faults and preoccupation with my current
project of producing an audio book version of book one
of the Masnevi, there has been an interlude since I was
last able to update the site. We are now in the midst of
the Muslim's holy month of Ramadan, we offer our
belated congratulations on this.
On the happy occasion of Eid we offer our
congratulations to our visitors
November 13th 2004
We received a request from a charitable
organisation to give information the
Poetry & Spirituality Lecture Series.
The Poetry School, in association with The
Poetry Society and St Paul's Church invites
eminent speakers to talk on poetry &
at St Paul's Church, Bedford Street,Covent
Garden, London WC2E 9ED.
Sunday 21 March,  3pmAamer Hussein
will explore both lyric poetry, in which Sufi
thought conflates secular love with love of
the divine, and narrative verse romances
that borrow stories from the Quran as well
as from pre-Islamic folklore to embody the
tenets of Sufi belief. He will look at  some
influences of the Islamic metaphysical
tradition on poetic forms in the non- Arabic
speaking Muslim world and examine the
inventive use of spiritual tradition in
modern political poetry. Poets to be
discussed include Hafez, Jami, Shah and
Aamer Hussein was born in Karachi and
moved to London in the 70s. He has a
degree in Classical Persian with Urdu
from SOAS and later did postgraduate
research in existential philosophy and
psychoanalysis before turning to write
short fiction. He is the author of three
volumes of short stories: Mirror to the Sun,
This Other Salt and Turquoise.
Tickets cost £9 and £7 conc.
For more information and to book tickets,
please contact: The Poetry School, 020
8223 0401 or email
The 'Urs of Zahurmian was
held in Ajmer on Dec 22nd 05.
I was unable to attend being at
the 'Urs of Mevlana Rumi.
However I held a short
commemoration in Konya with
some friends.
We hope to celebrate the 'Urs
on April 9th according to the
solar calender.
28th & 29TH OF RAMADHAN (11/12TH
The 'Urs of Hz Nawob Gudi Shah Baba
May God Bless him and give him peace.
What has passed before is no longer - it has come, left its mark,
and departed.
May 2004 bring with it renewed hope and a renewed vision for the
future. A vision of better living, of the triumph of faith, hope, and love
in the daily affairs of mankind.
Safraz Judy Elvy

We were very sorry to receive the news that Safraz, from Reading in England, has suffered another stroke that  we understand to be of a serious nature. I am
told that she is making great efforts towards recovery and we pray for her success.

I hope to be able to contact her personally soon and will keep you updated.

Safraz was a regular visitor to Ajmer and well known to Zahurmian who always appreciated her natural enthusiasm and zest.  

JMZ (Feb 04)

Update: My attempts to see Safraz have not yet been successful but I understand from from a friend that she is coping with a difficult situation very well.

JMZ (May 04)
Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Zahuri Sufi Website which, if you are a regular visitor,
you will notice has changed its WWW  address and also had something of a revamp.

The content of the pages is basically the same but I have made a number of presentational changes that I hope will make it
more easy and more pleasant for you finding your way round the site.

There is now a brief audio message from Zahurmian but I believe you will only be able to access this fully if you have broadband.

The old site at its old address will remain open for some months so you can always switch back to that if you encounter any
particular difficulty with navigation.

Inevitably there will be some initial problems, missing links etc, but I am sure I can rely on your patience, and that you will feed
back any problems encountered so I can try to put them right.

I am happy to offer a CD version of the whole site if you would prefer to use it off line.

Please also note my new e-mail address:

We came across the following report whilst surfing the internet the other day.

Sunday, 9 December, 2001, 17:02 GMT
Sufi renaissance after Taleban fall

Sufis are free to practice their ancient worship once again - and they are doing so with an exuberance denied to them for the past six years.

I was invited to experience one of their first few meetings at a house in Kabul.

Posters of mystic writings were pinned to the walls of the dark room in which more than eight Afghans were concentrating deeply on words recited by their
religious leader.

As the minutes went by, the fervour of the session built up into singing and chanting as the members of the Sufi gathering rocked back and forth
increasingly dramatically.

I was witnessing Islamic mysticism in its most developed form.

Dancing to Allah

Sufism did not originate in Afghanistan but it was in the hidden valleys in the central highlands that the Sufi sages refined their insights.

Sufis had traditionally shared mosques with other Muslims. Under the Taleban they were driven underground, their voices silenced by the oppressive
fundamentalist fighters.

At the core of their beliefs, Sufis maintain that all creatures - human and animal - are equal and that music and dance is the most direct route to Allah.

Outside the house, a birdcage hung from a tree. Nearby a loudspeaker inundated the feathered residents with the mystic singing.

The sect's spiritual leader Said Abdullah Ahmad went into hiding, his ideas an anathema to the extremist Taleban.

"When they first came here, the Taleban invaded all our gatherings and they humiliated and beat up many great Sufis.

"We couldn't understand why, because we were worshipping and praising God."

Brutal crackdown

Sufism has been in Afghanistan almost as long as Islam itself, perhaps 1,300 years, and its followers have traditionally shared the mosques peacefully
alongside other more mainstream versions of the religion.

The Taleban forced their own strict interpretation of Islam on Afghanistan

The mystics have been an unmisteakable and integral part of life here in Afghanistan for centuries, but in the eyes of the Taleban they were infidels and
the crackdown was brutal.

Mohammed Nirullah, one of Afghanistan's best known Sufi writers, told me life for the last few years had been near to impossible for him.

He virtually stopped his work under the Taleban, retreating into his tiny Kabul bookshop as his fellow Sufis were savagely beaten and imprisoned and their
musical instruments smashed to pieces.

"Sufis have the right path to Almighty God and the Taleban's version of Islam wasn't real Islam. It was a corruption, an evil hypocrisy. They were terrorists
and that is unacceptable in our religion.

"Now the sect is recovering its place in Afghanistan and its hundreds of thousands of followers are once more emerging from the shadows."

Mr Nirullah went into deep concentration as he recited the profound words which confirm the values of mystic Islam.

Surrounding him, stacked books were piled up to the ceiling.

Here was a man at one with himself again.


This is, in every sense, a rebirth of Sufism.

Its mystical beliefs are undergoing a renaissance from a chapter of oppression to one of the country's most powerful movements.

And this is demonstrates the importance of tolerance in finding the way forward for a peaceful Afghanistan.

Only then, when the nation's people are free to live as their needs tell them, will 23 years of trauma and battle belong to the past.
The 'Urs of the patron of this web site, Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah Baba [Jan 12/13th 2004]
Zahurmian passed away on April 19th 1996. His 'Urs (death anniversary) is celebrated each year according to the lunar calendar. It will be
celebrated in Ajmer Sharif of course.
We will also have some celebrations in Southampton. The programme is not yet finalised but there will be Fatiha followed by by meal on the
evening of Monday 12th January at 4 Polygon Court. You are cordially invited but we would ask if you can inform us if you will be coming so as to
help us in our preparation.

To all members and visitors of the Zahuri Web Site

On the 28th and 29th of Ramadan (23/24 of November it is the occasion of the
'Urs of
Hazrat Nawob Saheb Gudri Shah Baba
- the beloved guide of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib. On this occasion we offer our humble Salaams. We know the 'Urs will be held with due
solemnity and joy in Ajmer Sharif.
A fatiha will be recited in Southampton (2003)

The muslim community approaches the end of the blessed month of Ramadan and Eid is nearly upon us. We take this opportunity of wishing Eid
Mubarak to all.
To all muslim friends and visitors
Ramadan Mubarak

The holy month of fasting is upon us again. This is a gift of God to all the muslim community and thus to the community of mankind. 2003

Today is the 'Urs (death Anniversary) of Hazrat Saeenji Saheb - the founder of the Gudri Shahi Order. We are sure that in Ajmer the blessed
occasion will be celebrated with due solemnity and with recitation of the holy Qur'an and the listening to the Qwaal.
We here offer our respectful salaams to Saeenji Saheb on this occasion. A fatiha was held in Southampton.
Nov 2003

Further apologies for being unable to update recently - the work just goes on! I leave for the 'Urs of Khawaja Saheb in Ajmer, today. Details about
the Urs can be found from:
Mubarak (congratulations) on the auspicious occasion of the 'Urs of Khawaja Saheb. May his blessing bring joy, light and love in to the hearts of all.
JMZ  Aug 03

Yesterday, the 11th of June was the 'Urs of Hazrat Abdul Qadir al Jillani also known as Ghaus Pak or Ghaus ul Azam. Mubarak.
There were celebrations which are continuing in Southampton, no doubt also in Ajmer and in so many places. Few saints have such a continuing
influence on so many people. We seek ever the help and protection which Almighty God has made his to bestow.
JMZ June 2003

Thanks to Zeenat and Dennis from Holland for sending the new pictures from Konya.
spring 2003.

The personal library of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib.
We have received news from Inaam Hasan Saheb of his having updated the Gudri Shahi Web Site - this includes much more clearly laid out
information about the Gudri Shahi Order that we are sure would repay a visit even from people well familiar with the Order. We congratulate Inaam
Mian on the same and look forward to receiving details of his catalogue, on which he is working, of the many and varied books in Zahur Mian's
personal library. We hope to be able to provide appropriate links or further information on this page as it becomes available.
December '02.
'Urs mubarak.
The 'Urs of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah Baba - the patron of this web site was celebrated in Ajmer on 23rd / 24th January 2003. From
England Faiz Ahmed Ferguson attended - we hope to get a report soon on the occasion and will publish it on this page.
There were also celebrations in Trieste, Italy - hosted by Qamaruddin Corrado and his wife Haseena, Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri, and Rizwan
Masharib attended from England and there were more than thirty guests from Trieste and other Italian towns for Fatiha and Langer.
After Fatiha a short speech was made by Jamil in English with translation into Italian by Haseena. See here or index for copy of speech.
Qul was held the following morning.
Fatiha for the soul of Ijlal Hussain Siddiqi Jan 18th 2003.

Today 9th January is the birthday of the patron of this site Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib. It is also the monthly fatiha for Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
Chishti. Fatiha was held in Southampton.

Mubarak for the 'Urs of Nawob Gudri Shah Baba,which will be held in Ajmer.(Dec 3rd/4th 2002) Fatiha will be recited in Southampton, and to
celebrate the event the Zahuri Web site has published a photo of Nawob Saheb.
'Urs of Imam-ul-Aulia Hazrat Ali,
Khanqah, Ajmer 17-21 Ramzan 23-27 November, 2002

We were sorry to receive the sad news of the passing away, last week, of the wife of Hazrat Nuri Baba of Konya and send our heartfelt condolence
to her loved ones.

The 'Urs of
Hazrat Saeenji Gudri Shah Baba
The founder of the
Gudri Shahi Order of Sufis
was celebrated in Ajmer on the 9th and 10th of Ramadan.
Fatiha was held in Southampton on this blessed occasion (November 14th 2002).
May Almighty God bless his soul.

November 6th 2002

Ramadan Mubarak
especially to all our muslim visitors
Ramadan is the month of praying, reciting the holy Qur'an, fasting, and feasting, for muslims everywhere.

'The Night of Forgiveness', Shab-i-Barat, Laylat al Bara'ah, Candelin.
Sunday night 20th October 2002.

....on this occasion Muslims believe that the destiny for individuals for the next year is decided by Allah. Some keep fasts and a night vigil - some
visit the cemetery.

My apologies to regular visitors for a prolonged absence from the website due to being busy making new office space for the website and Sharib
Press (in my loft).
Most of this I undertook on my own and it of course took some considerable time and labour (and a lot of screws, wood, glue, and nails). I have
now begun to resume work on the web site.
JMZ August 2002

International Conference on
Mevlana Rumi
25-26 January 2002 10AM-7PM
140 Maida Vale, London, W9 1QB, UK

This conference was nicely organised by the Institute of Islamic Studies and London University who are to be thanked for their great courtesy and
hospitality throughout the two days.

The keynote address by the emminent sufi writer, Professor Nasr, was a masterpiece of elequence, widom and scholarly erudition. Professor
Chittick also provided us with an equally stimulating and learned discourse on the second day.

The many other items presented were of huge variety and included readings in Persian (with translation) of the story of the parrot who escaped
from his cage.

We were informed of current studies being undertaken on the structure of the Mesnevi and were shown explanations of the structure of the Sema
and many other items of great interest were presented.

The whole was rounded off on Saturday evening by an exciting demonstration of devotional Persian music.

Not the least benefit of these occasions are suprise meetings and the enjoyable company. It was a pleasure for me to spend some more hours
with Kevin Gould and Abdul Quddus. Kevin was gracious enough to invite me to spend the night at his house with his delightful family and I am
indebted to them for their hospitality. An additional and pleasurable suprise was to meet, unexpectedly, Mr Badruddin Eagle, who was well known
to Zahurmian. We were able to exchange memories of Dr Sharib and Ajmer in the dining hall. there were many other interesting meetings and

So our many thanks to our gracious hosts for their excellent hospitality and our deep respect and gratitude to the true host of all of us, Hazrat
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.  

The fatiha for Hazrat Khawaja Saheb was celebrated on (5th/6th of lunar month) in Zahuri Manzil, Southampton. (2002)

We have been informed by Hazrat Inaam Mian that the following new book has been published in Delhi. We understand it was presented at the
Urs of Khawaja Muinuddin Hassan Chishti (2000)

Ouran Khani & Fateha for Esal e Sawab (rest and peace to the noble soul) of Ijlal Husain Siddiqui Gudri Shahi (died on 14th.Shawaal 1422 Hijra /
29th.Jan. 2002 in England) four days before the Urs of his spiritual teacher Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib,Gudri Shah Baba IV) was arranged
on 31st. Jan. 02 at the Usmani Moini Gudri Shahi Khankah, Jhalra,Ajmer after the eshah Prayer.
GULAM ABBAS SIDDIQUI Usmani Moini Gudri Shahi Khankah, Jhalra,Ajmer India

We understand the marriage of Inaam Mian and Amna took place in October 2001.
We were pleased to hear from Hazrat Inaam that everything was duly completed and he has returned with his bride to Ajmer Sharif.

We once again offer our congratulations and good wishes to the couple.

We also have heard that Mr George Ferguson is in hospital seriously ill from the effects of a stroke. Faiz was therefore able to attend only the
funeral of Ijlal as he had to return to his father's bedside. His son Shahab visited to give his condolence to Nazu and her sons and daughters.

'Urs of Hazrat Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib
Though the passing of Ijlal is much on our mind we will continue to celebrate the Urs of Zahurmian on Sunday - which will provide us also with an
occasion to remember Ijlal Saheb.
In Southampton, England, we plan to have a fatiha on behalf of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib at 5pm on Sunday 3rd February. This will be held in
Zahuri Manzil at 4, Polygon Court, The Polygon. Following this at 6pm there will be Langar at Sembal House, a centre just a few yards from 4,
Polygon Court. Mikail Ali Clarke an accomplished musican has agreed to provide some live musical accompaniment. There will be some
recorded Qwaal.
All are invited and welcome to attend though it would be helpful from the catering point of view if you would let us know to expect you.

The 'Urs of this site's patron Hazrat Zahurul Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah Baba will be celebrated in Ajmer on Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th of
February 2002.

Gudri Shahi Ajmer Programme
Zeeqad 19th and 20 th
Feb.'3rd and 4th 2002
Urs of Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib, Gudri Shah Baba IV

Note : All the programmes will be held according to the lunar calendar
You are Cordially Invited to Attend.
For details please contact Manager:
PHONE 0145 - 428137, 625737,

The blessed occasion of the
'Urs of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
is approaching. It is held every year in Konya for several days till it reaches its climax on the 17th December. Once again I hope to be able to
participate in this special occasion. Thus there will be no additions to the website until after the 'Urs. (JMZ) (date uncertain)

The 'Urs of Hazrat Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib was held in Ajmer on 14th/15th February 2001, in Ajmer, India.
It was held on Chilla Sharif and was conducted by Hazrat Inaam Hasan Gudri Shah Baba.
Amongst many others attending were:
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri (UK)
Aftab Ahmed, Wajidbhai and his wife from Delhi, Hamubhai from Aligarh
Dr Farida from Delhi, Rubina, Paolo and Franchesca from Italy, Lisa Malin from Austria, Hazrat Waris Mian and many others from Ajmer.
There was one gentleman Colin, from Australia and one lady from Germany, and many others from different parts of India.

It was a joyful occasion with Qwaal and fatiha.
After the Qul on the second day there was a brief ceremony at the shrine of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti in the evening.

PS. Following a visit to Ijlal Siddiqi with Farhana today (Sunday 20th Jan) I can give you the following additional information. The tests on Ijlal have
not so far been conclusive and he awaits further test results. Nevertheless he is obviously still unwell, looking much thinner due in part to many
days with very little food. He is weak and unable to walk very far. At the time of our visit Hasan Bhai and his good wife also visited. Some leakage
connected with the heart and lungs appears to have been detected but I was not able to speak to a doctor to find out any more. (JMZ)
January 26th 2002 - News that Ijlal will be operated on on Monday 28th. We hope and pray for a good outcome.
Friends might like to know that Ijlal Siddiqi Saheb is in Northwick Hospital. He has some problems with his lungs and heart which appear to be a
little serious. He has had his lungs drained and is awaiting a scan. No doubt you will join us in praying and hoping for a good outcome from his
present difficulties.
He can be phoned at the hospital on 090 5095 1010 extension 3308.(JMZ Jan 13th 2001)

International Conference on
Mevlana Rumi
25-26 January 2002 10AM-7PM
140 Maida Vale, London, W9 1QB, UK
Mawlawi Rumi has no need of introduction. His magnificent works have always inspired millions of people around the globe. The Institute of
Islamic Studies (London) in collaboration with SOAS (University of London) is holding an international conference on his ideas, principles, and
effects and invites all academics, lovers of Rumi, and all those interested to attend the conference and enjoy the papers presented on the lowing
Love in Mawlawi Rumi's works
The structure & methodology of the Mathnavi
The influence of the Qur'an and Hadith on the Mathnavi
The relationship between man and God according to Rumi
The interrelation and influence of Mawlawi with and upon other scholars
In addition to paper presentation, there will be a traditional Persian Music as well as other performances. Keynote Speakers: Seyyed Hussein
Nasr (USA) William Chittick (USA)
The Provisional List of Speakers include Adibi, Saleh (IRAN) Morris, James (UK), Afrasiabi, Kaveh (USA). Pazouki, Shahram (IRAN). Alavi, M (UK),
Prigarina, Natalia (RUSSIA), Araki, Mohsen (UK), Sadat Mir, Maryam (IRAN), Bashir, Hassan (UK), Safi, Omid (USA), Dahlen, Ashk (SWEDEN),
Smirnov, Andrey (RUSSIA), Eshots, Janis (LATVIA), Safavi, Seyed (UK), Hussain, Ali (UK), Tarafder, Tasmiha (MALASIA), Jahanara, Mojgan
(JAPAN), Williams, Alan (UK), Kuspinar, Bilal (CANADA), Weightman, Simon (UK), Leaman, Oliver (USA).
Organised by SOAS and IIS - Convened by Professor Simon Weightman and Seyed Safavi. Admission Fee: £ 20 for early and £25 for late
registration. For Early booking just send us your name, address, and telephone Number . Payment by cash and on the day of conference only.
Registration deadline: 22nd January 2002. Rumi, IIS, 140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB
Tel: (44) 020-7604 5544 Fax: (44) 020-7604 5545 Email - Homepage:

Today (9th January) was the birthday of Zahurmian. I was in Ajmer one year on this occasion - it was whilst Zahurmian was ill but still well enough
to climb the steep stairs to his room. On that occasion his daughters sprinkled the stairs with rose petals. It was a memorable scene to watch him
descend on a flowered staircase. But no doubt he enjoys greater things now.

Gudri Shahi Sufi Order Main events
Ramzan 9, 10 / (Nov25th,26th '01).
Urs of Hazrat Syed Malik Mohammed Alam, Gudri Shah Baba I
Ramzan 17 to 21 / Dec. 3rd to 7 th
Urs of Imam Ul Aulia Hazrat Ali
Ramzan 28, 29 / Dec '01 .14th,15th
Urs Hazrat Nawab Khadim Hasan, Gudri Shah Baba III
Shawaal 4,5 / Dec 01.20th ,21nd
Urs Hazrat Abdur Raheem Shah, Gudri Shah Baba II
Shawaal 5, 6, 7/ Dec '01 21st,22nd,23rd
Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Usman -e- Harooni

April 2001
We are sorry to announce that we have heard from Mohammed Siraj that Bert Hesp of Holland has passed away after a long illness.
He made a great point of visiting Zahurmian whenever he visited Europe - and Zahurmian was always glad to see him.
Mohammed Siraj writes:-
'I really miss him as a person as he was someone who was able to listen, which is rare these days. I remember phoning him when I had returned
from a journey to India. Of course then we talked (Bert was mostly listening) for a long time about what took place in India. Then - after 20 minutes
or so - he said that he had something to say as well. He then told me that the doctor wanted him to undergo some tests. The tests, after some
time, gave him the information that he had cancer...'
We offer condolences to his loved ones and pray that he may rest in peace.

Christmas and New Year Greetings for 2002to all who celebrate these events.
Mubarak for the 'Urs (Dec 21st-23rd 2001) of the teacher of Khawaja Muinuddin Hassan Chishti - Khawaja Uthman Harooni whose simple
message was -Live. May Allah bless him forever.
Dec 2001

Sufi Saint's School, Ajmer.
World Peace Day and Prize- giving.
Immediately prior to the Urs of Dr Sharib an annual prize day for the Sufi Saint's School was held on Chilla Sharif, Ajmer. Many dignitaries took part
in giving out the prizes and the children gave many delightful performances emphasising the need for people of different faiths to live together in
peace and harmony. Miss Sajeeda, the adopted daughter of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib, introduced the various items with great style and aplomb.
Miss Bahar the headmistress of the school was there to ensure the ceremony went off well and Hazrat Inaam Mian presided over the events. He
invited Diwan Saheb from the Dargah of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti to make a short speech.

Ramadhan Mubarak to all our muslim members and visitors (Dec 2001)
Eid Mubarak to Muslim members and friends everywhere
Jamil and Farhana plan to be in Konya for the Urs of Mevlana Rumi so we are giving our good wishes to all visitors a little early.
and also
Mubarak for the Urs of
Hazrat Uthman Harooni
Hazrat Nawob Saheb
Hazrat Qazi Saheb
in Ajmer during this auspicious period.
We also convey our best wishes for the
Christmas and New Year to other visitors. Dec 2001

Mubarak on the 'Urs of Saeenji Gudri Shah Baba in Ajmer on 9th 10th of Ramadhan (2001)  

We have received news of the forthcoming marriage of
Hazrat Inaam Hasan
the present Head of the Gudri Shahi Order
which is expected to take place in October 2001
We send our warmest felicitations to Hazrat Inaam Mian

Details of the forthcoming marriage of Inaam Hasan are available

Please e-mail us for the same
The Urs of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia will be held on the 11th and 12th of July 2001 in Delhi, India.

We send our warmest salaams on this auspicious occasion.
Celebrations for the 'Urus (Death Anniversary) of Hazrat Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi were held in Konya on 17th December 2000.
This included many Sema performances. On the 17th there was a Fatiha in the Mevlana Turbisi which was hugely attended by flocks of people
from all walks of life and from many nationalities.
We congratulate Suraiya, Salim and Salma (Holland) on their new house!
Urs Mubarak
The Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti was celebrated in Ajmer during the first ten days of October/Rajab (2000) up to half a million
people attended.

There were celebrations on the occasion in Southampton - including a Khadam, speeches and Fatiha followed by Langar on Sunday 1st October
2000. It was attended by well over 300 people. There was also fatiha on the 6th of Rajab and a small sama session was held in Zahuri mansion.

Many thanks are due to Farhana Morris and the ladies who helped her prepare delicious food.

As is customary Mola Ali's birthday was celebrated in Ajmer on the 13th of Rajab a few days after the Urs of Khawaja Saheb.
A celebratory meal was given for guests following a fatiha in Zahuri Manzil, Southampton.

Marriage ofBahar Noor
(the daughter of Dr Sharib) click for more information
March 2001

The Zahuri Sufi Web Site
is happy to announce the forthcoming marriage of
Bahar Noor
(daughter of Hazrat Zahurmian)
on March 20/21st 2001.
We send our heartfelt congratulations and await more details

Previous celebrations

Coronation Day of Hazrat Ali
18th Zilhijjah (14th March '01)

Coronation Day of Hazrat Ali Ceremony at Ajmer & Jaipur
(Mehfil E Sama between 3 to 4 P.M at Ajmer & 9 P.M to 3 A.M at Jaipur

The Urs of Hazrat Nuri Baba of Mehram, Konya was celebrated in Southampton on October 19th 2000.

Package of Programmes for the Next Session 2000-01
Urs Hazrat Saeen, Gudri Shah Baba I
7, 8, Dec' 2000
Urs Hazrat Ali - 17,18,19 Dec.2000
Urs Nawab ,Gudri Shah baba III - 26,27 Dec' 2000
Eid Celebration - 28 Dec' 2000
Urs Hazrat Qazi, Gudri Shah Baba II-31 Dec 2000, 1 Jan '2001

T he Urs of
Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib
was celebrated with traditional splendour in Ajmer, India, on the 25th and 26th February 2000.
There was a Fatiha and celebrations in Southampton, England
on 24th-26th February 2000.

Urs Mubarak
The Urs of Hazrat Zahurmian was celebrated in Southampton on Friday 25th February with a Kadam following the Isha prayers in the Dar-
ul-Uloom Mosque. Speeches were made by Jamiluddin Morris, the Maulvi Saheb, and Mr Ijlal Siddiqi. Fatiha was offered.
This was followed by Langar (free meal). About 60 persons were present.
On Saturday 26th February there was a Fatiha of the Gudri Shahi Order at 4, Polygon Court. This was followed by a meal and qwaali was listened
to in the Zahuri Manzil.
Congratulations to Qamar and Hasina Corrado (Italy), two of Zahurmian's most dedicated disciples who are now the proud parents of a second
daughter, Sameena, who was born on 11th January 2000 - a sister for Ameena.  

Urs Sharif in Ajmer
The Urs of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti was held in 1999 in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.
The Urs began on Sunday 10th October and was still being celebrated until 19th October.
On the 5th of Rajab (15th October) a celebration was held in Southampton, England to pay respect to Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. Despite no
advertising it was suprising that over 300 souls attended this event which was the first time the Urs of Khawaja Saheb was celebrated in the city.
There were readings of Nath and talks which were followed by Langar.
On the 6th Rajab a small gathering was held in Zahuri Manzil, Southampton, for the Fatiha of the Gudri Shahi/Zahuri order. The participants also
listened to Qwalli on disc.
God bless Khawaja Gharib Nawaz who provided abundant blessings for the occasions.
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri attended the festival (Urs) of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi in Konya during December1999. It was a very blessed occasion.
The urs of Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti wa s celebrated in Ajmer in October 1999.
The Urs of Hz. Zahurmian were celebrated in Ajmer in March 1999. A fatiha was also held in Zahuri Manzil in Southampton.
We are happy to welcome Husamuddin Dyson, who became a new member of the Order in Southampton on August 1st 1999
We congratulate Mikhail Ali Clarke and Claire on their recent marriage in Southampton. (published summer 98)
Jamil visited Konya, the home of Mevlana Rumi, in Turkey (see travel tips to Konya) for one week in September/Oct 98. Konya
A further trip for the festival week in December is being planned.
(published autumn 98)
We are glad to say that the heart operation on Ijlal Siddiqi of London, a close disciple of Zahurmian for many years, was successful and he is now
recovering at home.
(published autumn 1998)
We are sorry to say that we have heard that Mahnoor, the daughter of Zahurmian requires to undergo an operation for her heart in New Delhi - we
wish her a speedy recovery.
EID Mubarak

We offer our congratulations and felicitations on the occasion which fell on March 26th 1999.

We are delighted to announce the birth of a son, Ellis, to Mikail Ali Clarke and Claire in Southampton on February 22nd 1999.
Urs Sharif in Ajmer
The Urs of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti was held in October 1998 in Ajmer. As always it was an event of much magnificence and brought
many blessings to those attending. Some people attending also joined the Website.
As usual the Urs was hugely attended with perhaps up to half a million people descending on Ajmer for the holy occasion. The Qwaal troupes
gave many impressive and memorable performances. As well as the main event in the Mehfil Khana there were various other private events such
as the mehfil in the home of the Gudri Shahi order which was conducted by the present Head of the Order, Inaam Hasan Gudri Shah Baba. We
hope that at some future time we will be able to publish some pictures to convey a little more of the remarkable atmosphere which results from the
blessings of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti.
Link to Memoriam on the passing  of Nuri Baba of Konya
The 'Urs of Hazrat Khadim Nawob Gudri Shah Baba
On 21st and 22nd 2004 of July,
the  death anniversary of Nawob Saheb will be celebrated in Ajmer, India.

Nawob Saheb was the spiritual guide and uncle of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib.

Those familiar with the ways of the unseen world will know him for what he is, a true sufi saint of great significance. Those who rely on the outward
signs may have heard of the manifestations of spiritual excellence that he demonstrated through his profound writing, his poetry, and through
various demonstrations of

By no means  the least of his great achievements is the training and cultivation of Dr Sharib.

Nawob Saheb we know lives on and continues to shower his blessings on those of us still tied to our bodies.

We offer our humble and earnest prayers for the peace of his soul and for his blessings on us.
Happy New Year 2006 to all our
visitors and friends
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'Urs of Hazrat Qazi Abdul Rahim Shah, Gudri Shah Baba II,
Usmani Chillah , Ajmer 4 Shawaal 5/9 December, 2002

Urs of Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni,
4 - 7 Shawaal 9 - 12 December, 2002

Birthday celebrations of Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib, Gudri
Shah Baba IV
Ajmer, 9 January, 2003

Commemoration of the passing away of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi
18th January 2003. Fatiha will be held in Sudbury, London.

Urs of Hazrat Dr. Zahur-ul-Hassan Sharib, Gudri Shah Baba IV
Usmani Chillah, Ajmer 19 & 20 Zeeqad 23 & 24 January, 2003
Also on the auspicious
occasion of Hazrat
Saeenji Saheb;s Urs
(10th Ramadan) on
whom we ask the
blessings of Almighty
God. (2004)
IWe convey our congratulations on the death
anniversary of Hazrat Saeen Ji Gudri Shah Bab
which was celebrated on Sunday 23rd Sep
07.10th of Ramadan. May his soul be ever
blessed. A fatiha was said in Southampton on
this auspicious occasion.

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri
The 'Urs of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan
Chishti (ra) 2009
Happy New Year 2011
Nov 5th