July 2002
The Illness of Mohammed Iqbal (Bulbul Shah)
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This weekend, whilst staying with Ijlal's widow and her family we heard the news that Mohammed Iqbal had suffered
a stroke some months previously. Those who were present during Zahurmian's last visit to the UK will remember
Iqbal as a cheerful person who sat for long hours talking to Zahurmian and who unfailingly brought him a rose
every morning. He thus got the title 'Bulbul Shah'.

We of course went immediately to visit him in the rehabilitation unit in Willsden, London. He was partially paralysed
and able to speak only one or two words at a time - but we think he understood us. I reminded him of the times with
Zahurmian and expressed the hope that the blessings of Khawaja Saheb would assist his recovery. He indicated
that I go close to him and he said - 'Health is wealth.'
I am sure your prayers for recovery would be welcomed.