A Mission Statement

The Zahuri Sufi Website exists to promote the aims and ideals of Truth,
Love, and Humanism whose source is the Infinite Mercy of All-mighty God,
whose roots can be found in the life and universal teachings of the Holy
Prophet Muhammad and his beloved caliph Hazrat Ali, and which were
taught and propagated by all the great Sufi saints such as Hazrat Khawaja
Muinuddin Hasan Chishti and by the Saints of the Chishti and Gudri Shahi
Orders, as well as by many true Prophets and holy men and women
throughout mankind's history.

Specifically the site aims to continue the work of Hazrat Zahurul Hassan
Sharib Gudri Shah Baba in extending the benefits of this message in the West.

Some Terms Explained

Truth finds many forms of expression and is the monopoly of no individual,
religion, group or ideology, but is singular and indivisible. Truth is
nonnegotiable and will not be denied. When we refer to truths in the plural
we refer to manifestations or expressions of the singular Truth.

Love and Humanism - when it comes to Love the pen breaks - as the saint
and poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi says. A manifestation of Love is
'Humanism' - this does not refer to any specific philosophical system or to a
world view that denies the Ultimate Reality, but to a concern with the
development of individual men and women and with the society within which
they live. Man is regarded as created in the image of his Maker and to have
been given the potential for development beyond his lower nature and
guidance towards that end. Universal Brotherhood is one of the distinguishing
features of humanism, social service and practical concern to show kindness
to others are two of its expressions.

Sufis and Sufi Orders - true Sufis are those who live only to serve the
purpose of All-mighty God (who has no need of them but they have need of
Him). To this end some of them have established orders which have
developed particular methods to purify individuals from the contamination of
their lower natures and this present world.

The Chishti Order originates from Hazrat Abu Ishaq Chishti of Syria. It is
widely prevalent in the Indo-Pak subcontinent where its greatest exponents
include Khawaja Muin Uddin Hasan Chishti (the successor of Khawaja
Uthman Harooni), Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, Hazrat Baba
Fariduddin Ganj-i-Shakar, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, and Hazrat Nasiruddin
Chirag Dehlawi.

The Gudri Shahi Order was founded in Ajmer, India about a century ago by
Hazrat Saeen Ji Saheb Gudri Shah Baba whose work was continued by
Hazrat Qazi Saheb and by Hazrat Nawob Saheb and then from 1970 by
Hazrat Zahurul Hassan Sharib. Since 1996 the Head of the Gudri Shahi
Order has been Inaam Hasan. The Gudri Shah Order is seen as primarily a
Chishti order but has close spiritual connections with the Qadiri (an Order
founded by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Al-Jillani) and Suhrawady orders (through
Hazrat Samauddin Suhrewady).

Sufis are one brotherhood and links with other orders have inevitably
developed and no doubt by the Grace of God will continue to do so.

The term Zahuri was coined by Zahurmian (as Hazrat Zahurul Hassan Sharib
is affectionately known) on his death bed and has been adopted, as a mark of
affection and respect, by some of his closest followers - particularly those
who live in the west.
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