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Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri,
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Ijlal Siddiqi
(1938 - 2002)
Qamaruddin Corrado
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Mr Mark Cox (UK)
Mr Abdul-Majid Bhurgi (USA)
Mr Abdullah Cagdas (Turkey).
Mr Mikail Ali Clarke (UK)
Mr Stuart Clarke (UK)
Mr Hafizullah Chishti (USA)
Mr Qamaruddin Corrado (Italy)
Mr Noor M.E. D'Agostino (UK)
Ms Nageena Dayal (India)
Mr Kamal Dastyari (Australia)
Mr Husamuddin Dyson (UK)
Ms Safraz Elvy (UK)
Ms Jen Goldberg (Australia)
Mr Stephen Hall (UK)
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Prof.Tahawar Ali Khan. Art. D. (USA)
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Some members have asked to remain
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Membership is open to all persons irrespective of national, ethnic, racial, religious,
class, sectarian, gender, communal or other such distinctions.

To become a member a simple written request is required expressing
agreement with the principles described in the Mission Statement - signed
and dated. This should be accompanied by a token payment which can be
a small value coin or note of any denomination (including the smallest
available) in the currency of the country in which the member lives.

Membership does not imply affiliation to any religion or sect but does imply
agreement with the principles outlined in the mission statement.
A certificate acknowledging membership will be given.

The right to refuse or withdraw membership without giving a reason is
reserved. In this event the token membership payment will be returned.

Membership includes the option of receiving a hard copy (paper) version of
the website, with updates.
(This provision is intended only for those without direct access to the www version on computer and, due to
the increasingly large size of the site, will be limited to 50 pages - amended January 2004).

Postage charges may apply for hard copy in some cases. This will be
requested with delivery of hard copy. Non payment may affect future supply
of hard copy updates.

Members names will be published on this page unless a request not to do
so is received. Addresses will not be given out unless permission to do so
is obtained from the member.

If you wish to join you can e-mail directly in the first instance to:-

The full postal address is :
Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri,  4, Polygon Court, The Polygon, Southampton.
SO15 2GT (UK). Tel: 023 8022 0978.


(nb. this page was revised on February 8th 2004)
List of Members in Alphabetical Order

The Founding Members
These are persons who had close connections with Hazrat Zahurul
Hasan Sharib during his lifetime. They are:-