Sharib Press is delighted to announce a new
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The six books that make up this marvellous
masterpiece of Sufi literature and spiritual wisdom
are available in the form of an audio book consisting
of 69 CDs of Nicholson's English translation (in wav
format) or 6 CDs (in MP3 format); or else a single
flash drive (in mp3 format).

The set of discs are available from the web site -
they can be purchased separately.

ISBN 0-9549077-0-1
Price; £75 if purchased as complete set of wav format CDs
(plus p&p and any
bank charges for money transfer)
Price; £35 in 6 MP3 CDs (plus p&p and any bank charges for money transfer)
Price; £25 in flash drive MP3 format (plus p&p and any bank charges for money transfer)

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In the Name of the Merciful and Compassionate God

The Masnevi of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Consisting of a set of audio compact discs or alternative audio media of the
classic English translation by Reynold A. Nicholson, of the inspired work in
Farsi of the illustrious 13th century Sufi saint, whose tomb is in Konya,
(Turkey). Read in English by Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

Even amongst the glittering ranks of the great Sufi saints Mevlana
Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273 A.D.) stands out as shining beacon of sanity,
light, and love in world seething with conflict, torment, and moral
uncertainty. Though his spiritual grandeur rests on far more than a single
book, he more than merits his current literary pre-eminence in East and
West on the basis of his ‘Masnevi’ alone. This is a book which plumbs the
depths and soars to the heights of wisdom, morality, religion, humanity,
spirituality and, all encompassing, Divine Love.

Like a vast tree its roots draw inspiration from the heart of the Divine Secret
and make it manifest in the form of stories and anecdotes containing
humour and tragedy, conflict and love, passion and longing, duplicity and
sincerity.  Spreading out in diverse directions each branch sustains an
abundance of mystical fruit. Vision, morality, ethics, contemplation,
spiritual knowledge, prayer, commentary and sermons, jostle each other to
attract our attention. In Mevlana’s own words the Masnevi is: ‘Most
excellent as a spiritual resting place….thereby the free are gladdened and

The eternal verities of the Holy Qur’an pervade every sentence like sap in
the tree. Ever-present, prophets and saints seem to be pouring their
blessings on to it. Whilst the brilliant sun sparkles on every leaf, its cool
shade seems to be inviting the seeker to the rest and the refreshment of

The Masnevi consists of six books  written mostly in Farsi by disciples as it
was recited, and, in the original, is in rhymed couplets. Professor
Nicholson’s prose translation into English from the earliest manuscripts,
though made over 80 years ago, remains the most scholarly and most
widely acclaimed. It was originally published by E. J. W. Gibbs Memorial
Trust in 1936.

The book is read by Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri, a spiritual disciple and
caliph of the late Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib of the Chishti, Qadiri, and
Gudri Shah traditions of Sufism. Jamil Saheb regularly visits the ‘Urs of
Mevlana Rumi and has strong connections with the late Hajji Nuri Baba of

Please note these recordings are made on a home computer and not in a
professional studio. They require media  player that is compatible with this
sort of CD (CD-RW) or that has a USB port supporting the flash drive.

Recorded in Southampton, (UK) January 2004 - January 2010.

Produced by Sharib Press.
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