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The Sharib Library pages are an
ongoing project that by its very nature
may never be said to be complete.
The library is intended to contain a
list of books on, or containing
references to, Sufis or mystics of
Islam. They are written in (or
translated into) English.
There are two types of references
listed. One indicates works on or by
a particular Sufi. The second shows
books containing references to that
person - (sometimes quite brief).

To access the library:

1. Browse the main library index  which is organised in alphabetical order by the name of the     
Sufi master, who either wrote the work or who is the main subject of the book or is referred to in
the book.

2. Click on the name required which will take you direct to a page listing books on or by or
referring to that Sufi master. There is a separate index at the head of each page.


3. Click on the alphabetical navigation bar above to go direct to  complete list of names
beginning with that letter or to the main index

The most commonly used short name is used in the index (e.g. Rumi, Hafiz, etc.). Prefixes such as ibn, abu, al- are
generally not used and for the sake of clarity we have not used honorific titles in the index, and ask the forgiveness and
understanding of the august persons referred to.

This system is somewhat whimsical at the moment but at least gets over the problem of looking up famous personalities
under their less well known but proper full names. As a general rule we have tended to use names referring to the place
of origin when no other more overriding criterion can be applied. It is hoped eventually a strictly alphabetical cross
reference will be supplied. Books that are exclusively the work of or largely about the Sufi referred to are usually

It should be possible to discover the name you are looking for by browsing for alternative spellings. If you encounter any
real difficulty please e-mail us.

The lists are initially based largely on books in our own Sharib Library and are not complete or exhaustive by any
means. Please note that at this stage books almost exclusively by, or about, a specific Sufi master of the past only are
included. As the site develops we hope to extend the range of the project. It is not designed for scholars, though like
anyone else they are free to browse, but for the general interested reader/seeker after knowledge.

For the convenience of people new to this field we have used red text in the index for some of the best known Sufis.

We do not measure visitor numbers but would take it as politeness on your part if, after visiting, you would like to drop a
short e-mail to us, with or without any suggestions/comments, at

Inclusion of books in Sharib Library does not imply agreement with all, or any part , of the contents/interpretations .