The Shrine of Nimatullah Vali : Near Kirman.
Day Seven: Kirman and its Surroundings
The bus taking us to Kirman first stopped at the country house  of
Nargis, Jeyran and their family in Sirjan. Here we were treated to a
sumptious repast in the best Irani style. It was the time of the harvest of
the pistachio nuts so many members of the family had been very busy.
The following day we visited the shrine of Abdul Salaam in Kirman.
The Shrine of Abdul Salaam in Mahan
Now it was time to visit Yasi's
House. Her grandfather was
known as the "the King of
Carpets." Her father runs a
Waqf (charity) hospital and
Yasi has a lead role in
managing it. It was Friday so
we performed the Friday
namaz there. Asif acted as
Nearby we visited the Shahzadeh Gardens and of course had
lunch followed by a walk in the beautiful gardens.
Next we visited the beautiful flat of Jeyran and her family
Then we went to the beautiful house of Nargis and her family
It was decided to make an apple pie, having seen a picture of me
with one. It went quite well except that instead of putting the
pastry in the fridge to settle it was placed in the freezer.
Fortunately it was rescued in time.