Iran Tour part two       The last days in Shiraz
Nargis initiated some cleaning and soon the words on the shrine
became more evident and water was brought to clean it..
To find the tomb of  Hazrat Jurgani we had to walk in some of the
charming back streets of Shiraz. It was a quiet tomb and Maryam
had arranged for it to be open for us.
Now, at the other end of the spectrum, we visited the shrine of one
of the relatives of Imam Reza, Shah Chiragh. His magnificent tomb
was very big with marvelous decorative work and the interiors
covered with complex mirror work - room after room. Spectacular!
The shrine was of great beauty and people would touch it to gain
blessings. We offered Namaz near the shrine.

After that we visited the home of a new murid - Maryam Isfahani.
Finally we paid our respects again to Hafiz Saheb - this time at night.
The next day was again sunny and warm. We went to visit ibn Khafif's
tomb. I was told that he is actually buried somewhere near but this
memorial is dedicated to him.
The next stop was another shrine, this time of Hz Ruzbihan Baqli.
In case you think we did all this visiting without refreshment - here we
are back at our restaurant.
On Saturdays Maryam invites people to her lovely flat in order to study
the Masnevi of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. She was kind enough to allow
us to join in even though of course it was mostly in Farsi.
below - the Shrines of the Seven Saints (Shiraz)
below - a final visit to the shrine of Hafiz
The bus ride to Sirjan and Kirman
Some more pictures in Shah Abbasi Restaurant
Jamil takes his rest.
Now we visited a marvellous waterfall
Hazrat Jurgani
Then we visited the house of Samineh . Then we visited Anna's
house (below).
near the shrine of Khwaju Kirmani
Visit to the flat of Ghazal Sirous for "tea".
We had burgers at Maryam and Shahla's house.