Sufi Web
The purpose of this frequently updated site is to continue the life's
work of Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib. There is
information on this important Sufi saint and author whose body lies
buried near the Chilla of Khawaja Muinuddin Hasan Chishti in
Ajmer, India.

Included are excerpts from his writings, related articles on Islamic
mysticism/sufism, Qur'anic commentary, Sufi related poetry and art,
and a reference library. There are also photographs of shrines and
additional pages on Mevlana Rumi and Hazrat Abdul Qadir

The site is dedicated to continuing to spread the Sufi message of
love and
humanism, which Zahurmian (as he is affectionately
known) preached and practiced throughout his life. Some books,
from the nearly one hundred he has written, are shown here. They
are published by
SHARIB PRESS at the address below. The
present Head of the Gudri Shahi Order is Hazrat Inaam Hasan.

All enquiries regarding books or other information in this site
should be addressed to :-

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri, Sharib Press, 4, Polygon Court, The Polygon,
Southampton. SO15 2GT (UK).

phone: zero, two, three, eight, zero, two, two, zero, nine, seven, eight.

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